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Story Posted on 22-06-2021


 |  The Other Side Of Farming  |  4-minute read
Robin hood, Kindness, Charity, Farming

The man who hated farming and cared for people

For those who detest their jobs here may be a strange way of being happy despite the torture.


 |  -minute read
Covid travel restrictions, Wtc finals, Covid vaccination drive, Jyotiraditya Scindia

DailyOh! Hi-tech ATM robbery rocks Chennai, to what India is up to in Southampton

No signs of tampering and no alerts raised, but multiple ATMs in Chennai have been robbed. The tech-savvy thieves have baffled the bank officials and the cops.


 |  2-minute read
Novel, Coming of age novel, Sandra cisneros, The house on mango street

Daily Recco, June 22: For the love of The House on Mango Street

Travel into Esperanza Cordero's world led by author Sandra Cisneros as they portray the sadness, desperation, hope and determination to leave it all behind on Mango Street in Chicago of 1980s.