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Story Posted on 28-06-2021


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Pulmonary care, Lung disease, Covid third wave, Covid19

Why pulmonary rehabilitation is the answer to Covid third wave

Even as we are dealing with the aftermath of the Covid second wave, the third wave seems to be knocking at our doors already. How prepared are we to deal with Covid 3.0?


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Kim jong-un weight loss, Kashmir drone strike, Adar poonawalla, Eu green pass

DailyOh! Covishield not on EU Green Pass list, to Kim Jong Un's weight loss

The European Union's new 'vaccine passport' scheme does not recognise Covishield. SII CEO Adar Poonawalla today said that he had taken up the issue at the "highest levels".


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Mental health awareness, Naheed phiroze patel, A mirror made of rain, Dailyrecco

Daily Recco, June 28: A Mirror Made of Rain, when mom does not know best

For all the trite wisdom on self-love floating around, we have all struggled to love, forgive, accept ourselves; and the story of Noomi Wadia is both cautionary and inspirational.