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Story Posted on 23-11-2021


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Footwear, Apparel, GST, Inverteddutystructure

Your chappals and jeans will cost more in 2022. Here's why

As government raises GST rates for footwear, apparel and textiles, here is a look at exactly why the government is doing this. ICYMI, it is called Inverted Duty Structure. Let us tell you why you need to blame it.


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Jared Leto, Salma hayek, Al pacino, Adam driver

Who are Maurizio and Patrizia Gucci and what is House of Gucci all about? Here is a 7-point breakdown

The story of Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani is nothing short of incredible, but who were they and why is there a movie, House of Gucci, on them?


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Space, Apocalypse, Asteroid, NASA

This man is worried about the NASA spacecraft crashing into an asteroid. He is not wrong, tbh

Why is a NASA spacecraft set to crash into an asteroid? And why does this man fear that NASA is poking the bear?


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Cannabis delivery, Cannabis, Ubereats

You can now order weed on Uber Eats. Not if you're in India though

Food delivery app Uber Eats has declared that their users will be able to place orders for cannabis on their app soon. This big announcement came as a surprise for many, and as a shock for others. Here are some of the funniest reactions.


 |  6-minute read
Transphobia, Harry Potter, Jkrowling

JK Rowling claims she has been doxxed by trans activists. What happened?

JK Rowling, once known for the Harry Potter books and now for her allegedly transphobic comments, recently claimed that she has been 'doxxed'. Here is what exactly happened and how people are reacting to it.


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Artistoftheyear, Kpop, Ama, Bts

BTS scripts history at AMA 2021: 5 secrets behind K-pop winning US over

K-pop boy band BTS became the first Asian act to win the Artist of the Year award at AMA 2021.


 |  3-minute read
San diego, California viral video, Cash rain, California

A truck accidentally dropped tons of cash on the road and everyone obviously went wild

You are driving down the road and find the highway littered with plenty of cash. What do you do?


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Maggi, Weird food, Fantamaggi

The Fanta Maggi viral video from Ghaziabad has left doctors mighty shocked. This is why

A viral video of a Ghaziabad vendor is making headlines these days as he cooks Maggi in Fanta. We asked doctors why this trend is not worth a try and you'll be surprised to know why.


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Waste Management, Cleanest city, Indore

How did Indore become India's Cleanest City? A 9-step secret strategy is the answer

Indore has done it for the 5th time! It is the cleanest city in India, five years in a row. How did they do it?