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Story Posted on 26-11-2021


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Urban dictionary meme, Brand name, Name meaning, Urbandictionary

What is this Urban Dictionary fad? We searched for 5 names but Twitter has the best memes

The world is searching for meaning of names on Urban Dictionary. But why?


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Andhra Pradesh, Pencil chor, Appolice, Smartpolicing

Andhra police received a serious complaint from a young boy. What happened next

When a bunch of kids went to the police to complain about a Pencil Chor, police turned peacemaker instead of filing a case. Here's what happened.


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Tax Evasion, Irish government, Ireland, Google

Why is Google paying 183 million pounds to the Irish govt?

Google's Ireland subsidiary has agreed to pay 183 million pounds to the Irish government in back taxes for the year 2020. What happened?


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Albatrossdivorce, Globalwarming, Climatechange

Albatrosses breaking up, and 4 other strange impacts of climate change

Did you know that the divorce rate is increasing due to climate change... among albatrosses? Climate change is changing our world in strange ways.


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Death penalty, Kim Jong-un, Squidgame, Northkorea

In North Korea, watch Squid Game and it's game over for you

A Korean man sentenced to death, one student sentenced to life imprisonment, six for five years of hard labour. All this because they saw the South Korean hit show Squid Game.


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Taliban, Afghanistan, Italy, Afghangreeneyedgirl

Whatever happened to Afghan Green-Eyed Girl Sharbat Gula?

Ever wondered what happened to the little green-eyed Afghan girl on the cover of National Geographic, whose sharp gaze tore through the conscience of millions in the world? This is her story after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.


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Iphone lock screen, Viral reel, Lockscreentrend

What is the viral iPhone lockscreen trend on Instagram? 10 reels and how you can make yours

Will you try the viral iPhone lockscreen trend on Instagram or give it a pass?


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Southafrica, Newcovidvariant

New Covid variant: 6-point compilation of what we know so far

South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla announced on November 25 that a new Covid variant has been detected in his country. The new variant, B.1.1529, is being called the worst variant so far.


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Avenue of the sphinxes, Luxor, Thesphinxavenue, Egypt

Egypt just restored its 3000-year-old Luxor Sphinx Avenue and the pics are unbelievably good

Egypt celebrated the restoration of its 3,000-year-old walkway, Path of Gods, and we wish we could have been there!