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Story Posted on 14-12-2021


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Atifaslamconcert, Islamabadtasteplus, Atifaslamwalksoutofconcert, Atifaslam

Why did Atif Aslam walk out of Islamabad Taste Plus concert?

Pakistani singer Atif Aslam walked out midway from a concert in Islamabad. Here's what happened.


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Natural sunscreen, Skincare tips, Sunscreen benefits, Sunscreen

Eat your sunscreen. No, not the cream but foods that can protect your skin

A sunscreen should be a crucial part of your skincare routine. You can apply it on your skin, as well as eat it. Read on to connect the dots.


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Tesla, SpaceX, Person of the year, Time magazine

Why is Elon Musk TIME Person of the Year 2021? Hubristic supervillain, for one

TIME magazine describes Elon Musk as a clown, genius, edgelord, visionary and industrialist. Musk has also had his share of controversies. All of them perhaps culminated into Elon Musk being named TIME Person of the Year 2021.


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Downingstreetpartyleakedfootage, Downingstreetparty, Downingstreet, Borisjohnsonparty

UK PM Boris Johnson partied in 2020 lockdown. Ryanair won't forgive or forget

It's almost Christmas 2021 and Omicron cases are spreading like wildfire in the UK. The Covid alert level has been raised to 4. But Brits are pissed off over a party held at PM Boris Johnson's official residence in 2020.


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Netflix mobile plan, Netflix monthly charges, Netflix new charges, Netflixnewrates

Netflix cuts subscription prices in India. What are the new rates?

Netflix India has slashed its subscription prices. Under the revised prices, the monthly mobile subscription plan, which earlier was for Rs 199, now costs Rs 149.


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South dakota squid game, South dakota teachers dash for cash, South dakota teachers cash, Dash for cash

Teachers get into Squid Game-style Dash for Cash to raise funds. An apology follows

A giveaway to make school life better was supposed to feel fun, like Takeshi's Castle. Instead, it ended up looking like Squid Game.


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Weird food combo, Parle g halwa, Viralfoodvideo

Parle-G halwa and 5 other food experiments that are viral for no reason

Halwa was made out of Parle-G, Maggi turned into cake, rasgulla into a chaat and so on. These food combos are viral for no reason, and goes without saying, are too weird to try.


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Fake reports, Covid19, Omicronvariant, Omicronnewcases

Omicron in India: 4 arrested in Bengaluru, FIR against AP Dhillon concert organisers, 6 updates

Fresh bans, fake reports, FIRs, and an increase in Covid cases. Here are the latest updates on the havoc that the Omicron variant is causing in India.