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Story Posted on 04-01-2022


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Omicron memes, Work from home memes, Omicron, Workfromhome

Loved the viral Mohabbatein WFH meme? Here are 10 best WFH memes

Loved the work from home meme from Mohabbatein? Here are 10 memes you would not want to miss.


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Bulli bai app, Bulli bai case, Online sale bulli bai app, Muslim woman bulli bai case

2 arrests in Bulli Bai case, furious Muslim women want justice. 4 points

Two arrests including that of a woman from Uttarakhand have been made in the Bulli Bai case. But the victims of the app are still furious and they want more arrests.


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Galwanvalley, Pangonglake, Pangongtso, Chinabridgepangongtso

What China is up to near LAC in 2022: Bridge, new law, renaming politics and propaganda

China seems to be in the mood to start the New Year with some heightened tensions on its border with India. In the latest, there's a new bridge popping up that could be of concern to India.


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Third wave, Omicron reinfection, Omicron symptoms, Covid cases

Top 5 Omicron questions answered: Symptoms, reinfection, peak in India

With a sharp rise in Omicron cases in India, it is crucial to know what this variant is like and the threat it poses. Here are answers to 5 common questions on Omicron you need to know.


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Newyearcruiseparty, Mumbai, Goa, Cruisecovidoutbreak

Cordelia Cruises' Rs 1.5 lakh New Year package and 66 Covid cases: What happened?

Covid-19 and panic have exploded aboard the Cordelia Cruises ship sailing from Mumbai to Goa and back to Mumbai. It brings back memories of early 2020 when the Diamond Princess became a breeding ground for the virus.


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Elizabeth holmes jailed, Elizabeth holmes fraud, Elizabethholmes

Who is Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos? Youngest woman billionaire to convicted fraud, rise and fall in 9 points

Elizabeth Holmes has just been convicted on charges of fraud. Once named the youngest woman billionaire in the US, the founder of Theranos, a multi-billion-dollar blood testing company, Holmes has had quite the rise and fall.


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Indian weddings, Royal indian wedding, Weddings, Bigfatindianwedding

Breaking down a big fat desi shaadi: Top OTT wedding moments in 11 viral videos

As Indian weddings evolve with the world, here is a look at some of the most over-the-top moments that lead up to the desi shaadi.


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Cordelia cruise, Omicron rt pcr, Omisure, Booster doses

Omicron in India: Cordelia Cruises ship turns Covid cluster, precautionary vaccine soon. 5 updates

India's Omicron tally has almost touched 2,000. Seeing the rapid increase in cases, Mumbai has shut schools. The ICMR has approved Tata's Omisure, an RT-PCR test kit for Omicron.