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Story Posted on 05-01-2022


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Saudi aramco, McDonalds, Amazon, Microsoft

Apple hit 3 trillion dollars: 4 times when companies have been more profitable than countries

Apple Inc was able to surprise the world and for a brief time, become the first company worth US $3 trillion, which is higher than the GDP of India. Here are 4 times when companies have out-earned countries.


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Oyo room, Fake restaurant, Fake hotel, Fakehotelbooking

Man booked an OYO hotel that does not even exist. He is not alone

Imagine a fake booking ruining your holiday. Terrible, no? A man just experienced something similar and this is not the first time.


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Charanjitsinghchanni, Punjabgovernment, Primeministersecurity, Punjabpolice

PM Narendra Modi in Punjab and a security lapse: 10 points on what happened

PM Narendra Modi was forced to cancel a Punjab election rally on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, due to a major security breach. This has led to BJP and Congress taking pot shots at each other.


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Blackberry limited, Nokia phones, Old phones, Nokia

BlackBerry is dead, like these 8 epic phones we loved once upon a time

BlackBerry phones changed the way we looked at phones from a ''calling'' item to an ''access the world'' item. Also, who can really forget BBM?


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Vaccine, Australian Open, Novakdjokovic

Novak Djokovic got an Australian Open vaccine exemption and Twitter is furious

The decision to grant Novak Djokovic an exemption from Covid-19 vaccination requirements for Australian Open has drawn major criticism. Many took to Twitter to express their feelings.


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Bulli bai, Shweta singh uttarakhand, Bulli bai case arrests, Bullibaicase

Bulli Bai Case Update: 3 arrests and what we know so far. 5 points

With the third arrest in the Bulli Bai app case, the Mumbai Police Cyber Cell seems to have made a massive breakthrough. Here is what we know so far.


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Europeanunion, Tattoo, Tattoosafety, Tattoohealthconcerns

EU has banned coloured ink tattoos. What is the tattoo scene in India?

EU has banned the use of coloured inks for tattooing from January 4, 2022, citing health concerns. If you are a tattoo lover and you live in India, this is what you should know.


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Covid-19, Ihu in france, New covid variant, Ihu

France gets IHU, a new Covid variant: What we know so far

France has reported a new Covid variant, temporarily named IHU. What is it?


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Election Commission, New france variant, New variant, Weekend curfew

Covid Third Wave in India: Weekend curfew in Delhi and 5 updates

India's Omicron tally has crossed 2,000, forcing Delhi to impose a weekend curfew. On the other side of the world, a new Covid-19 variant, temporarily named as IHU, has been identified in southern France.


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Mother of orphans, Padmashree sindhutai, Sindhutaisapkal

Padma Shri Sindhutai, Mother of Orphans, leaves behind a legacy like no other

Padma Awardee Sindhutai has died, leaving behind a legendary, fulfilled life that made a BIG difference to everyone who had the fortune of knowing her.