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Story Posted on 06-01-2022


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Kovid kapoor memes, Kovid kapoor jokes, Kovid kapoor holidify, Kovid kapoor twitter

Who is Kovid Kapoor? Holidify co-founder goes viral for name, Corona jokes follow

Kovid Kapoor, co-founder of the travel company Holidify, went viral on social media for his name. He is enjoying the Corona jokes and memes, by the way.


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Huawei, Chinajamesbondparody, Chinanotimetodieparody, Chinamocksus

China mocks US over Huawei in supremely cringey parody video. You will not die laughing

In a parody video, the Chinese state media poked fun at the US and the UK over their tech privacy and sanctions against Huawei. But we are not sure if the message made it home.


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Palak shah, Wordle twitter reacts, Wordle quiz, Wordle game

If you love the viral new game Wordle, thank Indian woman Palak Shah

Wordle is the newest internet addiction. It is an online game in which you have to guess a word in six attempts. Have you tried it?


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Postcovid complications, Covid and heart muscle damage, Covid-19 complications, Longcovid

Long Covid, what stays long after you are done with Covid. 6 points

Post-Covid complications, or Long Covid, continue to persist in people who have recovered from the disease. The question is whether the virus only affects the respiratory system, or it has profound effect on other organs too.


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Delhi Police, Mumbai Police, Bulli bai arrests, Bullibaicase

Bulli Bai App Case: Who all have been arrested so far?

Delhi Police have arrested the fourth accused in the Bulli Bai app case. The three previous arrests in the Bulli Bai app case were made by Mumbai Police.


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Peloton, Sexual assault allegations, Sarah jessica parker, And just like that

And Just Like That, Chris Noth dropped from Sex and the City reboot finale

After five different women accused Chris Noth of varying degrees of sexual assault, the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That has dropped his cameo in the finale episode. What happened?


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Children over pets, Vatican city, Popefrancis

Pope says couples who choose pets over kids are selfish. 4 times Pontifex made a statement, literally

The Pope has asked humans to prefer children over pets, and went on to call people who choose pets over kids 'selfish'.


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Uttarpradesh, Jawedhabibviralvideo, Jawedhabibspitsonwomanshead, Jawedhabibspit

Jawed Habib spits on woman's head in viral video: 'Thook mein jaan hai'

A viral video on social media shows famous hairdresser Jawed Habib spitting on a woman's head during a seminar. Would you go to a Jaweb Habib salon after this?


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Australia, Scott morrison, Aleksander vucic, Australian Open

The Serbia vs Australia war over Novak Djokovic: Who said what

Novak Djokovic's visa issue has escalated into a political storm as Serbia's President pledges to 'fight for Novak'. Djokovic was earlier allowed to compete in the Australian Open on a highly controversial Covid-19 vaccine exemption.


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Kotak, Bharatpe, Ashneergroverbharatpe, Ashneergrovernykaaipo

BharatPe's Ashneer Grover threatens Kotak employee over Nykaa IPO in leaked audio, he says fake

An audio clip is going viral on social media, allegedly of BharatPe founder Ashneer Grover abusing and threatening to kill a Kotak bank employee for not getting him Nykaa IPO allocation. Grover has called the audio fake.