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Story Posted on 11-01-2022


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Boris johnson, Downing street, Downingstreetmay2020, Downingstreetparty

10 Downing Street had a BYOB garden party in May 2020. No, UK Covid curbs didn't apply to them

An email leak has revealed that UK's 10 Downing Street was having a BYOB party back in May 2020, while the rest of the country had strict Covid curbs in place. Here is what happened.


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Twitter memes, Man set bank on fire, Loan rejection, Fire at bank

Karnataka man set bank on fire after loan application was rejected. Twitter reacts with fire memes

A Karnataka man set a bank branch on fire because the bank rejected his loan application. Then Twitter did what it does best, made memes on the situation.


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Australianopen, Djokovicvisaupdate, Novakdjokovicaustraliavisa, Novakdjokovic

Novak Djokovic vs Australia visa battle: What has happened so far in 5 points

World No 1 Tennis star Novak Djokovic has been in the news not for his sportsmanship, but for his visa battle in Australia. Here is an update on what has happened so far and what is likely to come.


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Investment, Gold investment, Sovereigngoldbonds

Buying gold or Sovereign Gold Bonds in Jan 2022? SGBs are better but wait a bit

Investing in physical gold or investing in sovereign gold bonds, what is better in January 2022? Here's a look.


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Covid-19, Omicron, Tokyo, Beijingolympics2022

China is locking millions in due to Covid. What will happen to Beijing Winter Olympics?

Ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China has implemented a mass lockdown due to the rapid spread of Covid-19. Will the Winter Olympics now take place?


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O yeong-su squid games, Golden globes winner, Golden globes award, Old man in squid game

Remember Player Number 1 of Netflix hit Squid Game? He just made Golden Globe history

Remember Player Number 001 of Squid Game? O Yeong-su, that old man on Squid Game, has created history by becoming the first Korean actor to win a Golden Globe.


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Rcs, Imessage, IPhone, Appleiphone

Google accuses Apple of profiting from bullying over iMessage: What happened?

Google has accused Apple of profiteering from bullying and peer pressure in the US. Here’s the complete story.


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San fransisco leaning tower, Millennium tower san francisco, Millenniumtower

Millennium Tower is San Francisco's own Leaning Tower. Even 100 million dollar repairs did not help

Millennium Tower in San Francisco won awards when it was built in 2009. Little did the residents know that the building would come with its own 'lean and sink' feature.


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Universityofmarylandmedicalcenter, Universityofmaryland, Xenotransplantation, Pighearttransplantintohuman

Man gets a pig heart transplant thanks to US doctors: The what, why, how

In a medical breakthrough worldwide, a genetically engineered pig's heart was transplanted into a human. What does it mean and why is it a great achievement?


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Internationatravel, Ddma, Makarsankranti, Boosterdose

Covid Third Wave in India: Mandatory quarantine for foreign arrivals and 5 updates

The Centre has announced that a 7-day quarantine is compulsory for international arrivals into the country. Meanwhile, about 10 lakh precautionary vaccine doses were given on January 10 to 60+ people and frontline workers.