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Story Posted on 17-01-2022


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Turkmenistan facts, Turkmenistan dictatorship, Hells gate, Turkmenistan

20 bizarre facts about Turkmenistan, the world's weirdest dictatorship

If you thought the Hell's Gate was the only astonishing thing about Turkmenistan, here are 20 weirdest facts about the weirdest dictatorship in the world.


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10 richest men, Pandemic economy, Worldsrichestmen

Bezos and Musk to Mukesh Ambani, World's Richest Men's net worth before and after pandemic

To your surprise, or perhaps not, the 10 richest men in the world earned huge amounts of money during the pandemic. You will be mighty surprised to see the exact numbers.


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Hannah baker, 13 reasons why netflix, 13reasonswhy

13 Reasons Why suicide lawsuit gets ruling in favour of Netflix, father of teen who died to appeal decision

The Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why was under scrutiny in 2017 for being extremely graphic and insensitive, after a teenager died by suicide.


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Delhiwinterfunnysocialmediareactions, Delhiwinterfunnytwitterreactions, Delhiwintermemes, Delhiwinter

Itni thand kyu hai bhai? 5 types of people on Twitter during Delhi winter

India is a tropical country... mostly. But going by the drama on Twitter over winter here, a stranger may think the country is buried 6 feet in snow at the moment.


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YouTube, Disney, Wholefoods, Amazon

9 millionaire kids who will make you take a second look at your bank account

With the help of her toy company, Pixie Curtis is all set to retire as a multimillionaire at the age of 15. Here are 8 other youngsters that could do the same.


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Brands marketing with social media, Marketing strategy during covid, Marketing moves, Marketing

H&M is renting out suits for interviews: 5 genius marketing moves in the Covid era

2021 saw unique marketing moves and values that will seep into 2022. Most of these creative marketing moves are thanks to the pandemic.


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Novak djokovic australia, Djokovic in australia open, Djokovic visa cancelled, Novakdjokovic

Novak Djokovic leaves Australia, Serbia govt calls visa saga a witch hunt. 5 points

The Serbian President and PM reacted harshly to the deportation of Novak Djokovic from Australia.


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Himachalpradeshhighcourt, Supremecourthimachalpradeshhighcourt, Supremecourtofindia, Supremecourt

Even Supreme Court could not understand this Himachal Pradesh HC judgment. AGAIN.

One definitely needs to keep a dictionary in hand when reading laws or a court judgment. But what happens when the lawyers and the judges themselves don't understand the complicated legal language?


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Elonmuskindia, Elonmuskteslaindia, Challengesfacedbyteslainindia, Indianministersinvitetesla

How to bring Tesla to India? Elon Musk gets offers from ministers and Twitter memes

Elon Musk's Tesla is facing troubles entering India. But several Indian ministers say they have solutions. Taking to Musk's favourite social media platform, Twitter, they have lined up with offers for his company.


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Birju maharaj kathak, Birju maharaj death, Panditbirjumaharaj

Kathak legend Pandit Birju Maharaj dies at 83. 7 points on his incomparable journey

Legendary Kathak dancer Pandit Birju Maharaj died of a heart attack in the early hours of January 17. He was 83.