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Story Posted on 03-05-2022


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Met gala 2022 outfits, Met gala 2022 live, Meta gala 2022 theme, Gilded age

Did your favourite celebrity understand the Met Gala 2022 assignment?

The Met Gala 2022 brought the best and worst of fashion. Here are 15 celebrities that understood the assignment and others that completely failed.


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Donaldtrumpfunny, Ivankatrump, Melaniatrump, Donaldtrump

7 times Donald Trump made the news because of his untimely forgetfulness

From forgetting the name of his preferred candidate to getting the name of his social media app wrong, here are 7 times Donald Trump forgot something he should have ideally remembered.


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New gen z rules, Office rules, Gen z workplace, Work place

5 things Gen Z expects from their employers

The younger workforce doesn't gel well with the traditional corporate rules. Here are five changes that can make a workplace more Gen Z friendly.


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Weirdjobscelebrities, Keanureeves, Jobscelebshad, Celebjobsbeforebeingfamous

Keanu Reeves and 10 other celebs who had 'weird' jobs before becoming famous

It is hard to imagine that the celebrities were just like you and me once upon a time. Even more unimaginable are the jobs they had before becoming famous.


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Kathmandu, Rahulgandhi, Rahulgandhiinkathmandu

12 hours after Congress Twitter trolled PM Modi for foreign tour, video of Rahul Gandhi partying abroad goes viral

The BJP leaders on Tuesday slammed Rahul Gandhi after sharing a video where the Congress leader is seen at a nightclub in Kathmandu. The Congress hit back saying it's not a crime to attend functions.