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Story Posted on 13-05-2022


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5 unbelievable reasons people went to court for, from wanting a grandchild to being born

Imagine people fighting over a petty case in court, while real criminals roam free. Well, this happens often in India.


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Amusementparkdisastersvideo, Disasterdeaths, Amusementparkridedisasters, Amusementparkdisasters

5 amusement park rides that went from fun to fatal real soon. Viral videos

From negligence of workers to worn-out machinery, here are 5 viral videos when amusement park rides turned really fatal.


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2022 instagram trends, May instagram trends, Gen-z instagram, Instagram trends

8 Instagram trends you need to try out this May

Amber Heard's testimony and Elena Gilbert's dialogue are only two of May's most viral Instagram trends. Here are 8 that you should definitely try.


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Russianato, Swedennato, Finlandnato, Europe

How Finland and Sweden are preparing for a war with Russia

Russia wants to keep NATO from reaching its borders, but with the Ukraine invasion, it has pushed more European countries closer to the alliance.


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Covid, Northkorea, Kimjongun, Covidinnorthkorea

North Korea finally admits to Covid outbreak, deaths. Why now?

For the first time since the pandemic struck the world, North Korea has accepted that there is a Covid crisis in the country and has imposed a nationwide lockdown.


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Ravindra jadeja and csk, Jadejacsk, Ravindrajadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is out of IPL 2022. Will he be the next Suresh Raina for CSK?

Ravindra Jadeja is out of the rest of this IPL and has also been released by CSK on medical grounds. Jadeja had an awful season this time, losing six out of eight matches as a captain.