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Story Posted on 19-05-2022


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Whatsapp may soon let you leave groups silently: 5 groups you would definitely like to exit

We all are added to unwanted whatsapp groups. But leaving them is a stressful job. But Whatsapp will soon allow you to leave groups without letting others know. Here are 5 types of Whatsapp groups you would want to leave soon.


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Shares you wish your dad had purchased 20 years back

Some Indian IPOs that launched their shares at less than Rs 30 per share have grown so much in the last 20 years that it will make you ponder why your dad did not buy them then.


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144 per cent rise in 8 years: Why India has the most expensive LPG

LPG prices in the country have seen a constant rise in last few months. With petrol and diesel prices also skyrocketing, the huge spike in cooking gas rates has put an extra burden on the common man.


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Panchayat Season 2: 5 things that went wrong

The much-awaited Panchayat season 2 came two days before the official release. Fans have welcomed it wholeheartedly. But there are also few aspects where the series fails to deliver.


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Vedantu, Unemployment, Edtech, Unicorns

Vendantu lays off 424 more employees: Are startups going bust?

EdTech startup Vedantu announced the layoff of 424 employees on Wednesday, May 18. This is the second round of layoffs by the startup.


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Apple Car may have no windows. Twitter calls it a mouse on wheels

The Apple Car may not have any windows and operate entirely on VR. Netizens are not pleased and say this is not the Apple Car they want.