Dear Mr. Owaisi, I am a Hindu and I assure you that my mind has not been ‘rigged’

There are some things that should not be said, period. And it’s high time Mr. Owaisi understood it.

 |  1-minute read |   24-05-2019
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“Rigging the Hindu Mind” - are you sure Mr. Owaisi? This is the worst thing any political figure can do to someone. What are you talking about? I am a proud Hindu. Are you saying that I am sacred and telling me that someone’s inducing ‘Hindutva’ in me? BJP’s landslide victory means people wanted something – they wanted some direction in their life, some connection. I get that many voices have something to say, but one should not challenge the intellect of all Hindus and say that they have poisonous political minds, much like you do.

Hindutava, Soft Hindutva, Saffron Terror and a lot of other things have been talked about. No one wants to hear all these treacherous predictions. The mandate is clear that the poor want development and are fully aware of things, that is, a cocktail of cast and politics. Why don`t you talk about ‘Janadesh’ even a single time? There are many who have gone against it too.

owaisi690_052419075819.jpgHeight of ignorance! Mr Owaisi, Hindu minds are not rigged. How we wish your poisonous political mind understood that (Source: India Today)

Each time I hear about the debate on Hindus and Muslims, I ask myself – ‘What’s wrong in being Hindu?’ And I am sure that the same must have come in the mind of the people from different religions. Do you really need to tamper with everyone’s thoughts? By saying all this, you are actually speaking the same language that bigots speak. Please stop taking voters for granted.

The other side is not innocent either, and you ended up talking about the same. All these years, have been tough for many people who don`t want to cross paths with political opponents and have a balanced approach. But the moment we thought that it’s over, you started it again. Let’s not have television debate in real life. No religion teaches all this.

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Seema Gupta Seema Gupta @seemakrgupta

The writer is a news editor, India Today Television.

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