Jawaan ho, yaaron! Why Rahul Gandhi should dance like young US neta Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Our note to Rahul: Sometimes, young politicians make great moves not on the House floor, but on the dance floor or jiving anywhere! All you need is a spirit of fun, and a strategic camera!

 |  3-minute read |   06-01-2019
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ra-inside_010619023235.jpgGo Rahul! He can and he tries — he just needs to do this more often. (Photo: ANI)

No, setting the stage on fire is not yet a requirement to become a politician. But we have carefully studied and analysed the characteristics of some of the people’s favourite politicians across the world.

And here’s our absolutely unsolicited advice to Congress president Rahul Gandhi — and the all other young political leaders of our country.

Dance like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or at least, like nobody is watching!

We need more human emotions in politics: Yawning, dozing off, winking, hugging, laughing out loud, dancing — all are welcome.

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is too much for you, then at least dance like Jyotiraditya Scindia!

Coming back to where we began, 29-year-old Democrat leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex has become the youngest Congresswoman in the history of the United States.

A day before she was sworn in, an old video of her apparently awkward dance moves on a rooftop went viral rumouredly to showcase the ‘nitwittery’ of the young politician.  

How did she react? Was she mortified into shocked silence? Or, did she let loose a boiling hate speech?

No, she just posted another video of herself — dancing in front of her office.

Oh, girl! That’s how you take on your haters. No grudges, no resentments — only some of the right moves.

The world has seen many such leaders who could shed the heavy garb of their ‘office’ and merge into the merry crowd, even if for purely diplomatic purposes. Be it George W Bush, Barack Obama, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton (not only in Indian weddings) — we have seen them all dancing.

And who can forget how the Internet went ‘aww’ seeing Canada's PM Justin Trudeau dancing?

For heaven's sake, we have even seen Vladimir Putin dancing.





But, in our part of the world, we only have ‘dancing uncles’ — not many dancing politicians.

This is indeed surprising because we specialise in the best of the entertainment-politics crossover. A number of our politicians have been/are/should be in the entertainment industry. But it’s sad that they mostly believe in the grim ‘all work, no play’ mantra.

Yes, Smriti Irani cracks a joke or two on her Instagram account — but she keeps her Twitter profile absolutely political because, well, we know what hell could break loose if she starts making a bit of light fun on Twitter!

The Internet, however, has a lot of veteran politician Farooq Abdullah dancing away the blues. 

fqroo_010619022343.jpgOne chilled-out Kashmiri! A video of Farooq Abdullah dancing with Ranveer Singh at an award function went viral. (Screenshot/NDTV) 

But where are our young leaders?

Can you please stop wasting your youth repeating those same lines and enjoy life, just for a minute? If you're awkward being seen dancing on Western music, well, there are many appropriate Bollywood songs as well!

kim_010619023411.jpgThere's no music when he's around. Make no mistake. Kim Jong-Un was not dancing. No. (Photo: Reuters)

Come on, yuva leader Rahul Gandhi — if with all her achievements, Alexandria can do it, why can't you? 

A more chilled-out Rahul is our only hope. For if he decides to stop winking and/or yelling and smilingly shake a leg instead, well, so many young leaders would follow. And who knows, older leaders too. Would the dancing help calm some of that hate, drop some bitter grudges, maybe shake off some rage?

It's worth a step.

Meanwhile, here's a video to make your weekend good.

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