Happy Birthday Amitabh Bachchan: 5 important life lessons we can take from Big B

“English is a phunny language.” In case you didn’t know that already, you’re welcome

 |  2-minute read |   11-10-2018
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What do you say about a man who can talk English, walk English and laugh English? A man who is always at the start of every queue because, obviously, people queue up behind him? Well, you accept that he is your baap, and that his name is Shahenshah!

On Amitabh Bachchan’s 76th birthday, we look at some of his iconic dialogues and the important (yet subliminal) messages behind them.

I can talk English, I can walk English, I can laugh English because English is a very phunny language. Bhairo becomes Byron because their minds are very narrow! Namak Halal


Yes, English is a ‘phunny’ language. If the ridiculously confusing and conflicting spellings and pronunciations don’t convince you, just take a look at Shashi Tharoor’s Twitter account. One of his latest gems, 'floccinaucinihilipilification', which means the action of estimating something as worthless, is bigger than the actual word. This is giving rise to some serious hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. (Psst. It means the fear of long words). Irony just died.

Jis tarah gobhi ka phool, phool hokar phool nahi hota, waise hi gainde ka phool bhi phool hokar phool nahi hota. — Chupke Chupke


If you thought Big B’s knowledge was restricted just to the English language, think again. He taught us what no other Botany teacher managed to drill through our thick heads. Now don’t ask me why the plant kingdom functions so dubiously. Of course, if you want to interpret it rather philosophically, there’s scope for that too. All that glitters is not gold, if you may?

Daaru peene se liver kharab ho jaata hai. — Satte Pe Satta


This message has been issued in public interest. This festive season, practice abstinence. Detox. Become a better you. But if you can’t, turn to another of Mr Bachchan’s lines, “Doh boondh zindagi ke,” and carry on. #janhitmeinjari.

Main aur meri tanhaai aksar ye baatein karte hain... — Silsila


Amitabh Bachchan taught us that it’s okay to talk to yourself. After all, sometimes you might need some expert advice. Who do you turn to at that point? Who do you trust in this big, bad world? Yourself, of course.

Moochein ho to Nathulal jaise warna na ho. — Sharaabi


Men folk, grooming is important. If you’ve tricked us into believing in unrealistic beauty standards, it’s time for you to tow the line too. So, if you can’t do it like Mr Nathu, or Ranveer Singh, for that matter, just don’t do it at all. Okay?

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