Keep The Change: Think of those times when the status quo rocks!

Why the new wave for change can actually backfire...

 |  3-minute read |   14-04-2019
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With the run-up to the elections, the frenzy is picking up a pitch that no one ever thought they would hear.

The top political parties are screaming: 'Change!'

The Residents Welfare Associations (RWA) are screaming: 'Change!'

The trade unions are screaming: 'Change!'

Farmers have never asked for change — they just have changed from solid to spirit form.

But what worries me is the growing trend for change may soon reach levels of the absurd.

main_coins-l-reuters_041319051519.jpgThe change for better might not actually be the right change. (Representational image: Reuters)

Here are five groups of people, situations and things that should not be notified of the need for change, lest we have a new-age problem on our hands.

1). National Husbands Welfare Society:

Till now, they opposed every equal opportunity bill that was tabled to give women a shot at the same chances. But it would be a disaster if they got a whiff of the new trend for change sweeping the nation and decide to propose the same at home. I'm sure you get the drift — and I will be saved the embarrassment of spelling it out.

2). The Auto Driver:

The love-hate relationship between the customer and the auto driver is legendary. Years have passed, and so have many strikes. However, no one has ever taken the couple for counselling. The relationship is now slated to turn from sour to unpalatable levels once they decide not to change that 100 rupee note, the only note that you have, to pay the 20 bucks charge. The day they decide to stop dolling out the change and in fact want change, we may feel a tad annoyed.

3). Sagar Ratna:

For generations, there has always been a Sagar to bail out the tired housewife or fatigued mom, who has slaved to feed her family seemingly for centuries. The dosa is still as delectable as always, and so is the aroma that has never changed. I just hope our peace-loving south Indian brethren don't wake up one day and demand change. Just what if they decided the dosa went best Manchurian or the Idli did a Tikki? No one for sure is going to take this lying down. We may end up with a gastronomical revolution.

4). The gender brigade:

The right to be whatever has even won the Supreme Court over. Born a gender and change to another is still an uncomfortable topic to discuss in public, but it would be right out disconcerting to a boy who now has to state that his girlfriend is now his boyfriend or her boyfriend is now her girlfriend. This change sure takes a lot of courage to live upto for one and all.

5). Street food and the dhaba culture:

Every Indian who has spent their college days anywhere in the country will relate to our good old Dhaba. What gives it its feel, culture and acceptance is that it has done nothing to change. If you have not sipped that glass of tea at a dhaba that's exactly next to an open drain, and sitting on a stone that covers part of the drain that actually rocks as you sit there, then you have experienced nothing.

The flies, the strange aroma of ginger and elaichi and a garbage dump is just an extra topping that you don't have to pay extra for.

Try feeling this nostalgia at McDonalds.

I pray some things never change.

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