Why stop at cinema halls: 10 places where national anthem should be made mandatory

Take out 52 seconds for the nation every day and make India great again

 |  6-minute read |   30-11-2016
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First of all, a big round of applause for the Supreme Court's decision, making it compulsory for cinema halls across the country to play the national anthem before the start of every film. While the national anthem plays, the tricolour would flutter on the screen, and it would be mandatory for every viewer to rise up for the anthem, the SC said.

This raises an important question: Is instilling a sense of patriotism and nationalism the sole responsibility of the SC? Do we, as citizens, have no part to play? This is akin to coercion, or simply put, will do something only when the apex court asks us to do it!

For instance, if the SC asks you to plant trees, pray three times a day, respect our parents, maintain the integrity of our country, only then you'd do it?

The SC doesn't ask mango trees to produce mangoes, rivers to give water; some responsibility lies with the citizens also.

And when it comes to nationalism, patriotism and instilling a sense of nationalistic pride, it becomes even more important that we, the people of India, not only obey the court order but take it a step further. In fact, let's take it ten steps further. So that all of us become true-blooded nationalists.

theatrebd_113016081500.jpg Is instilling a sense of patriotism and nationalism the sole responsibility of the SC? (Picture: Reuters)

Keeping in tune with the nationalist times we are living in, here are ten occasions where singing the national anthem should be made mandatory:

Before a meal

Always sing the national anthem and stand in attention before a meal - whether it's wedding or funeral, family dinner or a social gathering, at an officers mess or a club. This will instil a feeling of nationalism in your heart and food.

You'd feel you're eating for the nation, that your namak is "desh ka namak". And ultimately, the nationalistic food that you eat (no beef) would produce a nationalistic energy that you can utilise for nation-building.

Cheers to nationalism

Alcohol is a bad habit, but this is also a nation of alcoholics. Drinkers might be horrible people but they certainly aren't anti-national. Hence, for drunks waiting eagerly outside liquor stores, singing the national anthem should be made mandatory.

If someone fails to sing the complete anthem, then he/she isn't patriotic enough to even deserve a drink. Furthermore, this rule should be applicable before every peg.

Before sex

Our children are our country's future. Raising patriotic kids is the most important thing we can do to make India great again. Therefore, before having sex, stand at attention and start singing the national anthem in all its glory. This will fill you and your partner's heart (and body) with nationalism, and there's no chance of your kids being anti-national. Patriotism will run in their very blood.

What's more, there would be no need of any catalyst (tablets, viagra etc) to enhance your performance. Guaranteed!

Places of worship

Don't pollute your mind by listening to bhajans remixed to the tune of some Bollywood number. Rather, while standing in queue in front of any place of worship, stand in attention and do the "Jana Gana Mana". This should be equally applicable for all other worship places.

This Bhakti for the country will double Gob's blessings. Also, by doing this, one could rise above the divide of religion, caste and gender.


National anthem should be mandatory in hospitals - in OPDs, while buying medicines, in operation theatres, trauma centres. Just 52 seconds of standing at attention and then you can lie down on the stretcher. All of us can give 52 seconds to the nation, right?

What's more, the doctor treating you would consider you as a brother, and you'll recover in no time - if not for yourself, you'll pretend to be fit for the nation.


Stand at attention and sing the anthem before lighting a cigarette. The love for the nation will inspire you to smoke less. What's more, if people see you standing in attention with a lighter in hand, they might move away. Hence, a reduction in passive smoking.


This is a little sensitive. Everyone needs to attend to nature's call. So, whenever you take a dump, get up and give 52 seconds for the nation. What's more, if are in a "pressure situation" in a public place, start singing the national anthem. The feelings of nationalism will ensure you don't dirty a public place. Swachh Bharat, indeed!

ATM queues

This is hot of the press. When I see young people watching videos on their mobile phones while waiting for their turn at ATMs, my blood boils. Is this why our revolutionaries sacrifices their lives? Soldiers are dying at the border and you are...

What's more, you're already standing, just start singing the national anthem. Sing it multiple times because the queue is long, and the cash limited. This will inspire you to use for money for India's welfare and you'll feel disgust towards black money. Masterstroke!

Personal occasions

Whether you're greeting someone on Holi or Eid, hugging your friends or kissing our partner, sing the national anthem before any such event. Doing this will make your relationships more pure.Pillars of democracy:

Pillars of democracy

First, in Parliament. National anthem should be played before every session. Every minister - whether he wants to deliver a lecture or throw abuses - should sing the national anthem; every legislator -- before throwing his mic, documents or tear an ordiance - should do the same. Similarly, in every government office, collectors, SPs, DIGs must stand at attention and sing the national anthem before signing any file. Even judiciary can follow this as a mandatory rule.

Last but not least, media, the fourth pillar, as always, has to set the agenda. Newspapers must print the national anthem on the front page everyday; TV/radio anchors must play the national anthem and then start their bulletins.

All of us can -- and must -- give 52 seconds every day for making India great again.

(Note: These are my humble suggestions. However, if the government makes some arrangement for providing sweets after every rendition of the national anthem, it will act as a "surgical strike" on the problems of hunger, malnutrition and starvation plaguing the country. It will also make schemes like mid-day meals redundant, and hence, more people can be brought into the nationalist fold.)

(Translated from Hindi by Furqan Faridi.)

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