Reddit cannot get over this Porsche test drive crash. 5 reaction threads sum it up for you

Someone crashed a Porsche into a tree on a test drive. Reddit cannot get over it.

 |  2-minute read |   22-11-2021
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Planning to buy a new car? If yes, you would want to test drive it before the big purchase. Now, imagine yourself test driving a Porsche (you will first need to be able to afford it, but then, that's another story). A man was in a similar scenario recently and you would not imagine what happened next. As he drove the Porsche out of the dealership, he crashed it into a tree right around the corner.

A Reddit user named TheTrashman44 posted a picture of this historic incident. “Buddy crashes a Porsche on a test drive first corner out of the dealership,” reads the caption of the post. We know it is funny... yet sad at the same time. There are already 2,200 comments on the post.

Since you might not have the time to go through all 2,200 of 'em comments, we did it for you. These 5 threads are a) hilarious, and b) quite the stress buster.

1. This user predicted the next part of the story and blamed the colour of the car.

2. Meanwhile, many blamed the tree for nothing but existing.

3. Some also compared the driver with Paul Walker (things are getting darker around here)

4. Many are wondering what you are: who will cover the expenses?

5. Many also answered the previous question with references from friends and relatives who work at a car dealership

Now you know, while test driving a luxury vehicle, get familiar with the ride before you go out in style.

Do you know of anything similar? Let us know in the comments.


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