[Watch] History won't remember Tillerson for calling Trump a moron

People will only remember the secretary of state proudly served the US President.

 |  1-minute read |   06-10-2017
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In America these days, we're acquiring a taste for the bad parts of monarchy but none of the fun. We're learning what it's like to be at the whims of a capricious ruler unconcerned with the rule of law, but we don't have the cool palaces or parades. C'mon - no fair!

A news report claimed that secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, called US President Donald Trump a moron. Within hours, however, Tillerson reaffirmed his commitment to Trump on TV. But he didn't deny using the word "moron". The secretary of state saved his job, but not his reputation. If history will remember anything, it's that Tillerson proudly served Trump, not that he thought bad of him in private.

Of course, this is all better in song....

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