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Oh oh, Pakistani news channel claims Trump was born in Pakistan

If only it were true.

 |  3-minute read |   11-11-2016
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India and Pakistan exist in a constant struggle of one-upmanship. We are constantly trying and failing to outdo each other with ridiculous things. So, if Ganesh Sarvarkar - one of the five founders of RSS – can claim in his book Christ Parichay that Jesus Christ was actually Keshao Krishna, a Brahmin from Tamil Nadu, then a Pakistani news channel can obviously claim that Donald Trump was born a Pakistani.

trump-pak_111116023440.jpg  Donald trump's real name is Dawood Ibrahim Khan. Allegedly. 


This has happened. Pakistani news channels have covered a plethora of asinine news reports in the past, but this one surely does take the cake. Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America, was actually born Dawood Ibrahim Khan, according to Pakistan’s Neo News.

The report mentioned that Donald or Dawood’s parents were killed in a car accident, post which he was taken to London by a British Indian Army captain. In London, Dawood was adopted by the Trump family.

The channel even substantiated this claim by showing on TV, the photo of a random fair looking (possibly white) child juxtaposed to Trump’s present day photo. The similarities were uncanny, to say the least.

trump-paki_111116023559.jpg A young and rather Pakistani Donald Trump. [Photo: Screengrab]

The news report also mentined several people tweeting about this phenomenol discovery. Which is probably where they found the story in the first place.

While, this news is so obviously a hoax, it would be the funniest thing to have happened in this millennium if it were true. Trump is known to be very much of an Islamophobe and has in various speeches called for banning Muslims from entering America. In fact Trump is pretty hard on Pakistan as well.

Then again, considering it is Trump, there also exists footage of him saying that he loves Pakistan.

According to a report in Reuters, Pakistan fears Trump to lean more towards India, which is bad news for them considering the constantly souring ties between India and Pakistan right now.

The same report quoted Hasan Askari Rizvi, Lahore based foreign policy analyst, saying that “America will not abandon Pakistan, but definitely, Trump will be a tougher President than Hillary Clinton for Pakistan. I think India will have a better and smoother interaction compared to Pakistan.”

Whatever be the case, we really do hope that this cosmic irony works out for all parties involved. And we also hope that Pakistani news channels never change.

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