Durex is making denims - and all the fans on Twitter are losing their wits

Stretching your imagination a bit too much, eh?

 |  2-minute read |   24-03-2017
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The world seems to be getting crazier. How? Well, Durex will help you stretch your imagination. Yes, Durex — world's most popular male contraceptive brand – is now making denims.

And for their launch in India, they went for the most flamboyant guy from B-town: Ranveer Singh. The actor who has never shied away from anything — whether that meant wearing weird clothes, speaking his mind a little too openly on chat shows, performing antics on dares, or happily getting roasted by a host of people — tried on the first pair of these jeans. Singh, of course, has been a brand ambassador of the condom brand for some time now.

durex-_032417045623.jpg Photo: Screengrab

But Ranveer Singh or not, Durex launching jeans is bizarre at best. And it’s real and legitimate, unlike how alcohol companies try to market their products as music CDs or club soda, thanks to strict laws about advertising booze. Hopefully, for all our sakes, Durex does not plan to sell latex pants or denim condoms. Neither seems like a good idea at all.

But as usual, the idea of Durex jeans was too good an opportunity to miss, for folks on the internet, to make some much-needed jokes. After all, in these tough political times where everything is outrage and everyone is always angry, where would our sanity be, without a chuckle-worthy and childish sex joke?


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