4 hilarious memes: What the arrested Chhattisgarh goat had to say in its defence

Our resident wise guy gets the 'repeat offender' to confess.

 |  Patialawallah  |  1-minute read |   09-02-2016
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No, we are not kidding. A goat was arrested on February 8 for trespassing a senior bureaucrat's garden in Chhattisgarh.

Wait before you call PETA, the goat was granted bail. It was booked under charges that carry a two to seven year prison term and a fine.

The goat, a "repeat offender", along with its owner Abdul Hassan of Koriya district was arrested after district magistrate Hemant Ratre's gardener filed a complaint.

According to police, the goat repeatedly jumped over the iron gate of the judge's bungalow and ate flowers and vegetables from the garden.

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