Here's how 'Simmba' added extra zing to Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's married life!

Forget 'jaanu.' Love has a new name!

 |  2-minute read |   28-01-2019
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Blame Bollywood for ruining romance for us. If the unrealistic standards set by the likes of Shah Rukh Khan wasn’t enough — destroying our chances of ever finding a man good enough — Bollywood has even conditioned us to adhere to a set nomenclature when it comes to addressing your beloved.

So ‘jaan,’ ‘jaanu,’ ‘shona,’ ‘sweety,’ ‘baby,’ is what we think of.

Clichéd. Boring. Appalling, even.

But since we’re a filmy bunch of people, this will have to do.

Enter the quirky power couple — Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

In the recently concluded Umang Police Show 2019, Ranveer revealed that the success of Simmba has benefitted him in more ways than one. Of course, the box office number has helped him emerge as 2018’s most bankable actor, upon whose shoulders both the film and the filmmaker can bank.

But apart from that, Simmba has also benefitted his married life. Well, sort of.

In a particular on-stage segment, Ranveer told Rohit Shetty, director of Simmba, that he made his life, with this massive hit, of course. So much so that apparently when he gets home, wife Deepika Padukone sings, “Aya Police,” a song from Simmba.

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My Cheerleader 😍❤️😘🥂 @deepikapadukone

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Social media junkies know that Ranveer is telling the truth. A few weeks ago, Ranveer shared a short video of Dippy on Instagram, from what looked like an intimate dinner with just the two of them, where she was seen casually singing and jiving to the same song.

He captioned it saying, “My Cheerleader.”

Aww-dorable these two, aren’t they?

Now, what good does all this bring us? We’ll tell you:

For starters, it obviously means the end of the boring ‘jaan,’ ‘jaanu,’ ‘shona’ monotony! Be creative, people.

Then, it could also lead to role play. YES! Be more creative, people. Yell ‘Aya Police’ every time the Police comes, if you know what we mean.

And finally, perhaps this is the only way the police in our country can earn some respect. Seriously guys, they have been cut a very raw deal. From ‘pandu’ to ‘thulla,’ ‘maamu’ to ‘khatmal’, cops have never had it easy with terms of endearment.


At least this way, someone will be happy when the police comes. Ahem!

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