New Swachh Bharat campaign - Oh no: Cultural pollution

Instead of going to gyms, all people would do well to go to the shakhas and work out with multipurpose lathis and yogic exercises.

 |  2-minute read |   27-09-2015
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For a culturally "swatch" India, the Sangh has finally found a good doctor. Pollution is also in the body, soul and the mind, thus said Dr Mahesh Sharma the Union culture minister. The Bible, Koran, Talmud, (Granth Sahib excluded), are not part of Indian culture. How can they be, since they are not written in Sanskrit? Even Modiji spoke in the UN in shudh Hindi with penetrating Sanskrit sholakas. It had such impact that many delega...tes fell off their chairs(some wicked mediapersons claimed they were looking for Hindi/Sanskrit dictionaries). Men wearing deliberately torn Levis, are open to dengue mosquito bites, dog bites, and worst of all, polluted dirt. Better to wear the fashionable dhotis or at least pajamas, which are much more airy and culturally correct, and create more employment. Women wearing shorts or skirts are leaving themselves open to myriad ills, apart from exposing their legs, which is anti-Hindu. What's wrong with a decorous sari, flat shoes, minimal make up (Make in India), and a sober bindi?

But as Dr Sharma says, it's all in the mind. Watching Western films with their vulgar language, English, full of violence, obscene activities and strange godmen like Popes, Ayotollahs, Rabbis, with so many naked body parts shown, that the good doctor can't make out the anatomy, unless he looks upside down. The doctor with his keen nose can smell pollution anywhere. For instance, the mouldy tomes in the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) library. For example, he sniffed the Marx collection of many volumes, with a counter-Hindutva smell. Even the author's name "Marks" was misspelled. Similarly, there were volumes, well worn, which must have fallen off the shelves, by some foreigner spelled Lenin, which obviously should be "Linen". Imagine, "cultural pollution" can lead to such simple mistakes, not possible in Hindi or Sanskrit texts.

Of course, instead of going to gyms, all people would do well to go to the shakhas and work out with multipurpose lathis and yogic exercises. After that the shakha head would give a summary of the news, keeping out the "culturally polluting" news and views, all free. If only 99.99 per cent of true Indians did this, our holy country would definitely get some seat in the UN, with Hindi/Sanskrit translations. The good doctor hopes that food habits would also improve: complete vegetarianism, no, no, no liquor, except for somras. All these must be Indian grown/made. Beware of "cultural pollution." Jai Hind! Jai Hindi! Jai Hindutva!


Kamal Mitra Chenoy Kamal Mitra Chenoy @kamaichenoy

The writer is an academic and activist.

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