Janhvi Kapoor awarded 'Shooting Star Of The Year' by the Royal Norwegian Consulate for Dhadak. Why, oh why?

Clearly, Christmas has come early for Janhvi.

 |  3-minute read |   13-12-2018
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Once upon a time, there existed a just awarding system where deserving persons were awarded after they’ve done something of value.

But that era ended with Karan Johar.

Now, products of you know what (ahem, nepotism) are awarded, rewarded and superstar-ified even before they’ve actually achieved anything.


Anyone who happens to find himself or herself under the giving shade of the Santa Claus of Hindi cinema finds their stockings stuffed with trophies and accolades. This Santa Claus with a K doesn’t even come down the chimney — he invites you over to his home, his couch, and hands you a cup of Koffee.

And Christmas has come early for Janhvi Kapoor.

Janhvi, whose actual film career is shorter than that of Harman Baweja’s, and that’s not saying much, was recently presented the “Arts Stjerneskudd” (Shooting Star of the Year) award by the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Mumbai for her performance in Dhadak.

capture_121318065336.jpgWhen we skipped a 'dhadak!' (Source: Twitter/Dharma Productions)

Ann Ollestad, the Consul General, while presenting the award, said, “Your performance in Dhadak was excellent and we would like to recognise your talent in Norway on behalf of the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, I would like to call you the Shooting Star of the Year.”

I would ‘like’ to see Chris Hemsworth ringing the doorbell of my apartment with a super cheesy pizza in hand. But do we ever get what we’d like to get?


Ann, however, got it. And Janhvi got to put her practised award acceptance speech to good use. “It is an honour to be present here as any form of appreciation makes me feel special and I would like to continue my good work in order to live up to the expectation (of the audience). I will work hard.”

Again, I would like that pizza with extra jalapenos. But then, there’s no pizza, no jalapenos, no Chris.


There are, however, several questions popping up in my mind.

For instance, why Norway isn’t getting a Netflix account?

I am certain there are several other films, with more deserving debutante actors who could have been picked over Little Miss Couture. In fact, if only Norway had a Netflix connection, they’d get to watch Sairat, the original that inspired Dhadak, and watch Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru shine brighter than the sun with their performance.

But the sun doesn’t shine on Norway.

And which version of Dhadak did Norway watch? Did KJo send them a different re-shot, re-edited version? Or did he convince the Norwegian jury that this is what ‘acting’ now looks like?

Then, of course, there’s Sara Ali Khan. If Janhvi gets love from Norway, what’s Sara getting? I demand an answer, I am biased, I like Sara more.

idiva_simba_aankh_ma_121318070136.jpgYa, tell us KJo. (Source: YouTube screengrab)

And, so then, are we going to see Janhvi endorsing Norway tourism — in a chiffon saree, left to her own devices in the 'haseen waadiyan' of Norway?

Or is Karan shooting his next with Janhvi in Norway?

The award and the acceptance speech were followed by a screening of What Will People Say, Norway's official entry to the Oscars 2019. Interestingly, the Adil Husain-starrer more or less toes the line that Dhadak, and before that, Sairat did. Except here, the protagonist isn’t killed off — she’s sent to India to learn her ‘culture’ instead.

It’s beginning to dawn on me (pun intended) now why Norway picked Janhvi.

There is a method to the madness after all.

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