Four things that only happen if you're Lalit Modi

In an exclusive interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, the former IPL chief reveals the many wonders of being... himself.

 |  Breaking views  |  1-minute read |   17-06-2015
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1. The Swarajs take up your charitable cause pro bono

"They don't charge me for their services...Absolutely, because we have a very good relationship. They advise me and I consider their advice."


2. The chief minister of Rajasthan plays chaperone to your wife

"My wife was being taken to Portugal by whom, by Mrs Vasundhara Raje. Nobody knows that, I am putting that on record now."


3. The definition of spying miraculously changes

Rajdeep: I am told there is speculation that you are spying on N Srinivasan and he in turn is spying on you

Modi: It doesn't make a difference to me if he is spying on me. I don't spy on him, I get information on him all the time.


4. The definition of suffering miraculously changes

Modi: What about the suffering I've had for five years? Who's going to pay for that?

Rajdeep: You say suffering, that's an interesting word you use because over the last few years you've also lived a very luxurious life. In the last week you've travelled to Cuba, Venice and now you're here in Montenegro... has your lifestyle changed in any way?

Modi: My lifestyle has become less than what it used to be in the past.



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