Top lesson from the Kapil Sharma wedding: Why we all must live stream our weddings

An Indian B-school must present detailed research on this business model. Because this is the future and it's here already.

 |  3-minute read |   13-12-2018
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Every wedding this year came with a lesson.

Though the season is still on, the award for a completely unique concept — waiting to be explored by B-school graduates — has come from comedian Kapil Sharma.

Kapil got married to Ginni Chatrath on December 12 in Jalandhar — the same day Isha Ambani got married to Anand Piramal in Mumbai. Surely, we can't compare the Jalandhar wedding to the Mumbai one, but somehow, Kapil managed to stay in the wedding discourse, despite his long absence from television, not to forget his last flop comedy show.

The credit goes to the idea of live-streaming his wedding function.

We don't know how the idea worked for him, but the idea itself is novel and we can all adopt it and work on it, regardless of whether we're celebrities or not. Because, why not? Didn't the idea of online dating seem weird when it first came along?

So, here are five reasons why you should live stream your wedding: 

1. You won't have to invite anyone 

E-invitations are cool and all, but still, any wedding involves a lot of footwork/postal department work — not to mention all the unnecessary socialising if you visit relatives' houses. There are certain rishtedaars who simply have to be invited in person, no matter what. Some digital gestures are just considered brazen.

The only solution to do away with all this is simple, as Kapil Sharma teaches us — na rahega baans, na bajegi bansuri. No invitation, no QR code to be scanned at the gate, no need to buy umbrellas to shield the bride and the groom from the prying eyes of the media et al.

Just get some fellow YouTubers who will pose as guests and, in turn, will agree to cross-promote your YouTube channel on their videos.

2. Who says a wedding is a private affair?

A wedding is a private affair, said no one.

Be it a celebrity or a common person, whoever said that a wedding is a private affair, well, justice has been delivered to them within six months. Say, for example, Virat and Anushka. Their wedding was secret, right? But now, after a year goes by, they can't stop posting those photos on their social media accounts.

Reason? Of course, peer pressure.

Same with non-celebs as well! Marriage is not a crime. What's the secrecy? Make it public from the very beginning. Go for live streaming.

kapil-inside_121318033656.jpgSave money. Glow like them. (Photo: Instagram)

3. Who doesn't need money?

Well, we all know the answer. This wedding season showed us who doesn't need money.

But thankfully, we, as well as Kapil Sharma, do not fall in that category. Kapil released two teaser videos which garnered over 100k views each. We are not Kapil Sharma, but it's not too late either. Certainly, we won't have very many views. But you never know when an awkward dance move gets viral and we may start monetising our marriages.

Cheers to live weddings! (via GIPHY

4. No cheap gifts

Not inviting a lot of people has its downside. You will not get gifts — cash or kind. At the same time, you won't get those recycled gifts belonging to the last decade.

One YouTube follower or one view on YouTube is any day better than a guest with a packet of never-to-be used bedsheets, made in the early 2000s.

5. A clean, green wedding

No wastage of food, plastic glasses, straws, paper plates. Everything turning into online followers instead. Isn't that a great proposition? Only a small arrangement with enough viral content in it, so that viewers get hooked to it and share profusely.

The digital revolution is real.

So is the online wedding.


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