United colours of India's racism

A Tanzanian college student was assaulted in Bangalore for no fault of hers. How many excuses do we need?

 |  1-minute read |   05-02-2016
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7 reasons Indians are the most racist in the world

Are Indians inherently racists? This is an extremely uncomfortable question which is rarely asked and discussed in great depth. The recent mob attack on African nationals and the burning of their car after a traffic accident in Bangalore has brought to light this darkness within Indian society.

A look at examples of Indians' behaviour that could be classified as racism:

We are conscious of skin colour: This is the biggest thing that stares you in the face. Right from when we are very young, it is drilled into our minds that fair skin is a great virtue and dark skin is not.

Childhood rhymes point in that direction. Bollywood songs celebrate the "gori chori" (fair girl) with her "goriya kaliya" or "chittiya kalayia" (white wrists). Forget heroines, even most heroes are white. Read more.


Saurabh Singh Saurabh Singh

Chief of Graphics, India Today.

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