Rahul Gandhi wants #PyjamaSarkar. Twitter reactions

Time is a flat circle and the original RaGa came back swinging.

 |  2-minute read |   18-08-2015
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As our prime minister was busy distributing #OROP money to Bihar and destroying Nitish Kumar's dreams, the recently matured Rahul Gandhi was in his constituency winning hearts.

Rahul's public relations team has had a good month. The monsoon session went well as Modi refused to say anything about all the bad press the BJP was getting with the Vyapam scam, Lalit Modi controversy and Pankaja Munde's aide carrying her slippers. It looked like Rahul had finally arrived.

Furthermore, Rahul chose the right battle in siding with Film and Television Institute of India students against B-grade movie star Gajendra Chauhan. Filmstars and Twitter celebrities were on the same team as Rahul. Life was good.

But time is a flat circle and the original Rahul came back swinging.


Ahh Rahul...

Apparently this #PyjamaSarkar thing is about connecting with the common man and not with suit-wearing corporates. That's a solid idea, but is the best way Rahul thought of connecting with the us commoners through a pyjama?

The Congress obviously thinks this is a great idea.

The problem is that by choosing pyjama as his symbol, Rahul alienated the non-pyjama wearing folk. They were not pleased.

All of this was to take away political mileage from Narendra Modi, but what good does it do?

Life comes back at us fast...


Parth Arora Parth Arora @parthsarora

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