Chinese woman can’t hear male voices: Can’t we all fake this ‘rare disease’ in 2019?

(On a lighter note) Will you be actually missing out on anything?

 |  3-minute read |   13-01-2019
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Remember faking a fever by keeping a garlic clove in the armpit, so that we didn't have to go to school the next day?

Well, those were simpler times.

Now, a Chinese woman reportedly woke up one fine morning to find out that she was ‘deaf’ to her boyfriend’s voice. Not intentionally, though. She was not able to hear any male voice, to be clearer — and it was termed a 'rare medical' condition.

Uninteresting details about the disease can wait. The first thing on the top of our mind is: how can we contract this disease?

Or, can't we fake it...

Coming to the first question, the disease is rare and can actually be a serious case of loss of hearing, which we, of course, don’t want.

Going through several boring articles, what we found is that male voices, on an average, tend to be of lower frequency/ deeper voice (not thoughts though).

male-voice-inside_011319035028.jpgTell us what all you would miss. (Representative photo: YouTube)

And this is a rare case because the most common type of hearing loss is when you can’t hear higher-frequency sounds. This is also known as a reverse-slope hearing loss. It's not easy to find out that you are suffering from this, because, of course, it won't make a difference initially if you don't get to hear words like, "In my opinion..." or "Let me explain..."1F606

According to reports, it affects only 3,000 people in the US and Canada. Of course, there must be no Asia-specific data.

So, it’s clear that we can’t contract this one.

But can we fake it?

Absolutely, and that would be an unmixed blessing.

Every time we are stopped from entering the Sabarimala temple because we are 'impure', we can pretend we are suffering from reverse-slope hearing loss issues, unless there are women blocking our ways.

Every time Karan Johar giggles on Koffee with Karan as some guests gift him TRPs in form of ‘sleaze’, we can remain unperturbed.

Oh, wait! Most of the episodes will become inaudible only.

Such a relief! (Doesn't Rani Mukerji, too, have a comparatively lower-frequency voice?)

P.S: Don't try this at the office!

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