Tiger Shroff is a meme again, only this time it's his action figure

It looks nothing like the star. Nothing at all.

 |  3-minute read |   15-03-2018
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Indian film trade analyst and critic Taran Adarsh tweeted a photo that is fast on its way to becoming a meme. He wrote, “Ready to roar... Baaghi 2 merchandise is eye-catching... The hamper will be loved by kids and elders!”

The problem, however, was the fact that the hamper was eye-catching for all the wrong reasons.

taran_031518075040.jpgPhoto: Screengrab

Tiger Shroff, Bollywood star Jackie Shroff’s son, has made a name for himself by reprising the good old days of '90s action films. Armed with little talent in the acting department, a name that still carries weight in the industry, and the Channing Tatum-like beefcake good looks, Shroff has been part of several action films that have made moderate impact on film goers. Baaghi 2, directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, much like Tiger's first film promises to be more glitz and less substance.

Films like Baaghi 2 sell on their own — high-octane action, catchy song and dance numbers and general humour, which appeals to the lowest common denominator — they don’t need gimmicks. The makers of this film, however, felt the need to follow an age old practice in Hollywood mega productions: merchandising. They released an action figure of Tiger Shroff’s character in the film, dressed in the same attire he is seen donning in the movie poster.

Of course, at some point, the filmmaker, the producers and even Tiger Shroff somehow forgot the check if the action figure bore any resemblance to the star. Surprise, surprise: it did not. The action figure looks White, unlike the perfectly tanned Shroff.

The make looks cheap and, most of all, it fails to get Shroff’s one truly impressive aspect right: his rock solid abs.

In fact, the action figure received so much criticism that Taran Adarsh ended up deleting his tweet.

Just look at how bad it is.

Tiger Shroff, who is no stranger to turning into memes, found that like Baaghi, memes too can have sequels.

The memes had a common theme

Mostly common

While this was clearly a sad attempt, merchandising in the Indian film industry, especially with action figures, definitely needs to be encouraged more.

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