These Tiny Trumps are too cute to be real

The latest weirdly adorable obsession of the internet.

 |  3-minute read |   18-02-2017
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The internet is a strange and beautiful place where people post things after doing a lot of drugs. One of the possible outcomes of something like that is a new subreddit called TinyTrumps. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, who has been turned into several memes already, now has one that he just might like, for two very compelling reasons.

Trump who is notoriously insecure about the size of his hands, can now be at peace. The internet has turned the entirety of Trump into a tiny creature, thereby making sure that his hands are no longer smaller in proportion to his body.

Two, this will finally make way for something that the world never thought was possible: Trump looks absolutely adorable. It is without a doubt a sentence you never thought you’d read, and yet it is pretty true.

Tiny Trumps are cute enough to almost make you forget what a despicable human being he is. Sigh.

So, without further ado, let us look at what Tiny Trump has been up to:

Tiny Trump, much like the adult Trump, loves to draw and is pretty darn good at it. 

tiny-trump-draw_021817050926.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump with is not-so-tiny Family.

tiny-trump-family_021817051025.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump making a "yuuuge" argument againt Hillary Clinton.

tiny-trump-hilarry_021817051134.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump doesn't enjoy getting his tie, or his facts straightened by a "bad person" like Obama.

tiny-trump-obama-3_021817051502.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump better watch his step, otherwise he might hurt himself quite "bigly".

tiny-trump-ivanka_021817051523.jpg Photo: Reddit

Looks like Bannon Uncle isn't very pleased about having Tiny Trump at his table.

tiny-trump-meeting_021817051644.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump and Obama having an important discussion about the tinier issue that is "fake news".

tiny-trump-obama-2_021817051703.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump sure loves his selfies. Look at him pout like a pro!

tiny-trump-obama_021817051720.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump loves big jets.

tiny-trump-plane_021817051735.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump doesn't appreciate being Putin this awkward position.

tiny-trump-putin-2_021817051756.jpg Photo: Reddit

But Tiny Trump does have a weakness for flags. Soviet. 

tiny-trump-putin_021817051819.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump has a big security detail.

tiny-trump-security_021817051832.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump using his big pen to ban Muslims.

tiny-trump-sign_021817051854.jpg Photo: Reddit

Tiny Trump ain't too small for Time covers.

tiny-trump-time_021817051918.jpg Photo: Reddit

While the world may love Justin, Tiny Trump doesn't. It's Trudeau. 

tiny-trump-trudeau_021817051959.jpgPhoto: Reddit

In conclusion, Tiny Trump is pretty awesome and adorable. But he will never come close to Tiny Rick! 

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