Union Budget: The day everyone on Twitter turns into an economist

Here are the 'experts' and their two cents.

 |  4-minute read |   01-02-2017
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Yes, the Union Budget has been presented by finance minister Arun Jaitley and thankfully there haven’t been way too many bombshells this year. For a Budget that has been called "unimaginative", "socialist" and "vanilla", there sure is a lot of talk around it.

The Budget’s merits and demerits will continue to be discussed at length for the next couple of weeks (perhaps that’s an overestimation), before the junta moves on to the next controversial thing, like the hardline groups beating up and marrying hand-holding couples on Valentine’s Day. But for today, all armchair activists on social media are armchair economists.

While there is a lot of intelligent discourse around taxes, subsidies, fiscal deficits and sanctions available for all to read, let us, for now, just focus on the funny stuff. The Budget, after all, is just another excuse for everyone to take digs at whatever they want to.

budgetjox_020117034935.jpg Photo: Indiatoday.in

Here are the “experts” and their two cents:

Yes, everyone is an economist

On Income tax reduction

On political funding transparency 

General purpose Arun Jaitley jokes

And some not-so-usual insights

Expectations vs reality

At least the budget is entertaining.

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