Out for a Duck: Vijay Mallya watched #IndVsAus at the Oval

And we have a lot of questions!

 |  3-minute read |   10-06-2019
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Looks like Vijay Mallya, like so many other Indians, is a die-hard cricket fan. But one can only wonder which team he was supporting in yesterday's high-voltage cricket match — it couldn't possibly be India, right? Because, let’s face it, why would he support the country he is accused of looting crores of rupees from? Why would he support a country that he conveniently fled, ooops, 'exited', right after these acrid charges came flying at him? Why would he support a country where so many have so few nice things to say about him?

So, clearly, Mallya must have been supporting Australia — and with all due respect, you can keep him, Australia. Give him honorary citizenship if you want. Heck, you can even allow him to take loans from your banks. But just know what you’re dealing with here. This guy was once called 'The King of Good Times' in India. He brought bad times to many and then flew off to Even Better Times just when the long arm of the law finally knocked on his door.

And all this, when he was an honourable MP.

What's that? 'King of Shamelessness', you say? Yes, we don't disagree. Meanwhile, stand warned, Oz!

mallya690_060919061954.jpgThe clock is ticking: The end is nigh, the ‘Good Times’ are about to go dry. (Source: India Today)

Mallya ji, meanwhile, here's a question — if you just love cricket (not the kind that is played on a yatch deck or a disco floor) so much, why didn’t you visit India during the IPL? Oh — I almost forgot, had you stepped on Indian soil, the authorities would have nabbed you.

But now, since extradition is already knocking at your London door and you can only stall for so long, we can also understand your sudden passion for outdoor sports under cloud and sun. Apparently, Mallya proudly told reporters at the Oval that he was there to watch the match 'in person'. For that reason alone, I don’t blame him — it is highly likely that he will watch the next World Cup matches from jail.

vijay690_060919062012.jpgGentleman's Game. Not necessarily watched only by the same. (Source: India Today)

So, theek hai, let Mr Mallya enjoy his Good Times, even a fragment thereof. We forgive him his one day out. Mallya ji — if you are reading this, do party on, koi baat nahin. For the truth is, a cell in the homeland is calling you and the clock is only ticking.

And, after all, ‘Yahi baatein toh baad mei yaad aati hain’.

Such good times. Wink.

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