Nagin Dance, Redefined: Yes, India is a land of magic and snake (dancers). Never forget

Our naagin dancing is world-famous! But don't forget that one wedding which was cancelled when the bride saw the groom performing naagin dance in the baarat.

 |  2-minute read |   14-05-2019
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Have you seen a snake atop a horse? Well, we have. And, all of a sudden, we have a feeling that now we can die peacefully because there’s nothing left to be seen.

The courtesy goes to the ongoing wedding season, of course.

Unlike Michael Jackson or nearer home, maybe Madhuri or Sridevi, snakes are not known for their dancing skills. They are venomous creatures that, when charmed, can dance.

Sort of.

The West perceives India as a land of snakes and magic.

Believe me, we have lived up to their expectations too.

Otherwise, what can explain this!

Our weddings have survived the most bizarre things ever. Guests ransack wedding venues (this happened at Lalu Yadav’s son, Tej Pratap’s wedding), a groom plays PUBG without paying attention to the wedding rituals, etc.

But this is beyond science.

beyond_051419021159.jpgWe too thought so!

A viral video shows a man accompanying a groom exhibiting his dancing skills — and how!

It’s difficult to imagine that he is sitting on a horse because his ‘naagin’ body is seen swivelling as if it is attached to the horse by some magic.

Of course, neither do we

Someone from PETA just spoke

More flexible than car wipers, TBH

What Physics! It's magic

We just hope this wedding was not cancelled.

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