3 reasons why you should exercise during periods

A 30-minute exercise can help relieve you of bloating and cramps.

 |  2-minute read |   07-01-2016
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Anxiety, mood swings, cramps and abdomen pain are usually the common symptoms women have to put up with during their periods. And during this time, women witness a considerable drop in their energy levels leaving them very vulnerable and prone to weight gain. So is it advisable for women to train during this time of the month?

This is one of the most debated topics in the fitness industry. Though the opinions may vary from people to people, but as per many international doctors and researches, women can and should exercise when they have their periods. On the contrary, exercising during periods can be very beneficial and may help women in pain reduction.

I have seen so many women skipping their training sessions due to their monthly cycles. I can only imagine to understand the pain associated with it. But you should know that exercising for 20-30 minutes during this time has great health benefits.

Here are top three reasons why women should exercise during periods:

1. Refreshing: Training during periods is safe. Hence, it is advisable to exercise when you are chumming. Though you may want to keep the intensity levels down to ensure you don't get injured. I have been told by many female clients that during their periods their lower abdomen area is very sensitive. Hence, I won't recommend a full-blown workout. However, a light-intensity strength training session can be very refreshing.

2. Pain management: A short exercise session can be extremely beneficial and may help women alleviate their abdomen pain as well. As a trainer, I have observed, that though training during periods is not easy and also unpleasant for my female clients, it can actually help you manage the pain. However, it's a different case, if your doctor asks you to abstain from training; knowing your medical history. According to familydoctor.org, a 30-min exercise can help relieve you of bloating and cramps.

3. Helps with mood swings: Women feel extremely sensitive when on their menstrual cycles and often may get emotional. For most of them, the first day of heavy bleeding makes things even worse. But, fitness is more of a mental challenge: you have to set your mind to it and train. Because we will always find a reason to skip our exercise session. Exercising for 30 minutes releases good hormones in the body, which helps you with mood swings.

As a male trainer, I can only try to imagine the pain women go through. This short article is a summary of my experience working with females during their monthly cycles.


Tarun Gill Tarun Gill @imtarungill

The writer is an internationally certified fitness nutritionist and advanced personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy.

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