3 simple tips to remove chest fat

This problem if not dealt with on immediate basis can become a lifelong issue.

 |  2-minute read |   07-12-2015
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Chest fat is becoming a very common problem amongst Indian men. Also referred to as male breasts, this problem if not dealt with on immediate basis can become a lifelong issue. At times, it may even take the form of gynecomastia (gyno), which is usually triggered in teenage due to various hormonal changes.

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Gyno is nothing but a considerable decrease in testosterone, a male hormone responsible for growth followed by an increase in estrogen, a female hormone. This condition leads to development of female breasts in males and the only way out is through surgery. Luckily, this is not a life-threatening condition but can take a serious toll on men emotionally.

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Now the good news: Eighty per cent of the times what may appear to be gyno is nothing but chest fat which can be fixed by following these three simple tips:

1. Minimise carb intake: To reduce your chest fat, first you need to create the calorie deficit by minimising your daily calorie count. This is a simple weight loss rule and chest fat is no different. There is no such thing as spot reduction, which means the fat cannot just disappear from your chest! It will always be holistic.

2. Push-ups: To focus more on chest fat, you must get into a routine of doing push-ups three-four times a week. Push-ups will tone and develop your chest muscles and will make the chest look more defined.

3. Strength training: A good strength-training programme can really help in minimising chest fat. Certain isolated chest exercises such as cable cross and bench press with more repetitions can have a drastic effect in contouring your chest. Calorie deficit will help you lose fat from chest and strength training will make the chest look more muscular.

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