An American in Mumbai

[Photo essay] How Kolkata is facing the heat wave

Despite soaring temperatures, life in the city goes on.

 |  An American in Mumbai  |  1-minute read |   02-06-2015
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k1-new_060215040350.gif  Business as usual, so what if it is 40 degrees Celsius outdoors.

k2-new_060215040441.gif People still travel.

k3-new_060215040513.gif Make adjustments.

k4-new_060215040606.gif And rest.

k5-new_060215040640.gif Get a shave.

k6-new_060215040710.gif Take a bath.

k7-new_060215040749.gif Hang laundry.

k8-new_060215040823.gif Sweat.

k9-new_060215040901.gif And if they don’t get into an accident –

k10-new_060215040937.gif Go back to work.

k11-new_060215041142.gif And rest some more.

k12-new_060215041210.gif Or work and rest.

k13-new_060215041255.gif Whatever it is they do in the heat, they do it with grace.

k14-new_060215041332.gif With style.

k15-new_060215041410.gif All the while, trying to keep cool.


Craig Boehman Craig Boehman @craigboehman

The writer is an American activist who lives in Mumbai.

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