Look at the world just after rain

A pictorial journey in the meadows by Laka Glacier at the foot of Moon Peak in Himachal Pradesh.

 |  Life  |  1-minute read |   13-07-2015
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pic-1_071315033928.jpg A goat - splendid creature - surveys the view below. Fog and clouds have become one.

pic-2_071315034049.jpg A red-suited couple - almost giddily, one could imagine - exploring the forest of green, still wet with raindrops.

pic-3_071315040549.jpg An insect daintily perched on the leaf of a doppelgänger for a pitcher plant. In the background, the fog sweeps in.

pic-4_071315034227.jpg Delicate, latticed wings against the powder blue petals.

pic-5_071315035947.jpg A heart-shaped surprise nestled amongst the moist blades of grass.

pic-6_071315040019.jpg A honeybee sitting squatly in a flower, completely absorbed by its task.

pic-7_071315040652.jpg This edible fern is locally known as "lungdu". I espied gaily-attired local women gathering them into worn out rucksacks, hurrying home before the sun sets.

pic-8_071315040340.jpg A lone ranger on the velvety moss.

pic-9_071315040240.jpg A sprig, a burst of emerald - no larger than one's fingernail - sprouts in the trunk of a fallen tree.

pic-10_071315040158.jpg Enroute to Triund at 2875 meters, an ethereal pair of toadstools seemingly float near the base of a rotting log.

pic-11_071315040519.jpg A slug amongst ferns, an iridescent hue, such as the colours are after the rain.


Eirliani Abdul Rahman Eirliani Abdul Rahman

The writer is Executive Director of non-profit YAKIN (Youth, Adult survivors & Kin In Need) and Director at the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation.

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