3 reasons you're working out but still not getting six pack abs

They are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

 |  2-minute read |   10-11-2015
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We would be lying if we were to tell anyone or ourselves that we don't want six pack abs! The truth is we all want that washboard chiselled abs and, ironically, we don't leave any stone unturned to get those abs.

But that effort of doing thousands of crunches four to five times a week, starving meaninglessly for hours and saying no to the food we love doesn't even get us closer to that flat stomach, let alone those abs.

You may be doing all the right things from eating clean to exercising regularly. But something is definitely not going right. Lets deep dive.

Three reasons why your abs don't show:

1. Overtraining

In our desperate quest to get those six-pack abs, we end up overtraining our abs. They key here is to train the abs only two to three days a week, not everyday, for them to grow.

2. Wrong eating habits

"Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym". You can spend countless hours in the gym training your abs but if you're eating the right food at the wrong time, your dream to get those abs will always remain a dream. It's not just about eating clean but eating clean at the right time.

3. Layer of fat covering them

We all are born with six pack abs: it's just those abs are not visible and are covered with a layer of fat. There is no point doing any abs exercises unless you first start focusing on minimising that layer of fat by either eating less or exercising more. The idea again is to create a calorie deficit for you to lose that layer of fat!

Here is how to get the abs:

1. Remove junk from your kitchen NOW

If junk food has found a place in your kitchen, chances are it will also find a place in your stomach. So, the first thing for you to do is to get rid of that junk from your kitchen right now.

2. Give your abs a break

Don't train your abs everyday. Give them a break. If you still feel the urge to train them, train them only once a week. Giving a break to your ab muscles will help them recover and they will end up growing.

3. Don't get obsessed with abs

There is no way you can maintain your abs for all 12 months. The idea is to choose your months when you want to show your abs. Maintaining them year round can be unhealthy and can be detrimental for your health, considering people put unwanted food supplements into their bodies to maintain those abs.

You can also see my video blog on this topic, which will further help you get some more perspective on abs.


Tarun Gill Tarun Gill @imtarungill

The writer is an internationally certified fitness nutritionist and advanced personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy.

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