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Triple Talaq

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Rescue plan for the 'Haze Capital'

Indians are probably getting too used to pollution!

VARIETY | 4-minute read

What’s in a name, what's in a word

Reputations, oral and written history — all come flashing out with a surname.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

From Maharashtra to Jharkhand: Wrong to blame BJP for allies drifting away

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was once a political pariah for many who later outlawed their own untouchability towards the BJP.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The muddled race for Maharashtra's Chief Ministership

Will the present political turmoil in the state result in a strong government that addresses the real issues irrespective of the ideological dichotomy?

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Increasing threats to civil liberties in India

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why the threat to citizen rights and civil liberties is mounting, in the November 18 edition of the India Today Magazine.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

JNU's fee-hike protest was flawed, the government shouldn't have buckled

JNU students are demanding that inequality be removed through equal distribution of subsidy.

SPORTS | 4-minute read

What would life be like for Dhoni after cricket?

Dhoni fans don't seem to have had enough of his helicopter shots, his stumpings and most importantly the 'Dhoni Review System'.

MONEY | 5-minute read

Will the government's big real estate revival plan help the cash-strapped sector?

The housing sector has been affected by serious cash-flow problems and insolvency-related issues.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Ayodhya verdict: Justice for all, loss to none

The basis of the verdict delivered is not faith or belief system but, purely and clearly, the law of the land.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The Fine Print On Kartarpur

Has Pakistan decided to abandon its revanchist policies against India?

ART & CULTURE | 4-minute read

Pati Patni Aur Woh: Why Bollywood refuses to grow up even in the time of #MeToo

The film industry continues to fail in terms of onscreen portrayal of sexual harassment, especially in the shadow of its legacy of trivialising the issue.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Kartarpur Corridor: Pakistan using faith to sow unrest

Pakistan's intention behind the very noble Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara corridor project is nothing but ignoble.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Ayodhya verdict: How the Supreme Court arrived at the decision

The apex court said the disputed 2.77-acre site in Ayodhya be given to a government-run trust for the building of a temple and a five-acre plot at a 'prominent site' will be given for a mosque.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Don't breathe. Baaki sab first class hai

Our freedom of expression is now at loggerheads with our freedom to breathe.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

What is the Aarey vs Mumbai Metro war?

Will the green patch covering nearly 4,000 acres of Mumbai land be the collateral to Mumbai's ambitious Metro car shed?

VARIETY | 4-minute read

India Today Sex Survey 2019: Chronicling the private life of the nation

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about changes that have influenced the nation's intimate relations, in the November 11 edition of India Today.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Delhi has a robust plan to clean the air. Will Centre do its bit?

The topmost polluted cities of India are in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

On 'yuva' netas from old clans

The BJP targeted Rahul Gandhi as a symptom of dynastic politics, but it has little to say about the Chautalas, the Pawars or the Reddys.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

NCRB crime data is a farce. This is what needs to be done to stop burking

Police performance is judged on the basis of the number of crimes reported. It helps to under-report numbers.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why Modi's decision on not joining RCEP makes a lot of sense

India has a trade deficit to the tune of $184 billion with the 15 member countries.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Delhi Odd-Even 3.0: 5 things you must know before hitting the streets

The rules are more stringent and fines are heavier this time. Is Delhi set to battle pollution with the Kejriwal government's odd-even scheme?

VOICES | 5-minute read

What we should learn from a death in a tunnel

The remains of Mosul that I walked over did not just bury thousands of years of history, but a culture of coexistence which will be hard to rebuild.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Veer Savarkar's sunrise moment

There are times one feels closer to Savarkar's ideas than Gandhi's.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Reduction in bursting of firecrackers is proof education can cure many ills

Many schools have, over the years, tried to persuade children to avoid crackers.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why Riyadh reposes faith in Narendra Modi

Pragmatism is dictating Saudi posturing as the very future of the country's economic model is at stake. It needs new partners like India.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Anthem debate: Sit down, stop this nonsense

If you are a liberal, be a little liberal in respecting diversity.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

China's reversal of one-child policy shouldn't deter India from enforcing two-child norm

Human population in this country faces an existential threat from human population itself.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

What this year's Physics Nobel laureates unravelled about the universe

This year's winners have revolutionised the theoretical as well as observational understanding of the cosmos.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Water wars more about information than water itself. India must prepare

Information and knowledge gaps are largely responsible for creating an environment of mistrust among riparians and the various stakeholders in the river systems.

SCI-TECH | 13-minute read

When a human and an android got talking

This fictional dialogue flags questions and concerns as we confront the age of artificial intelligence.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Smile. You are the Joker. So am I.

Why does it disturb us so much, hearing a character like Arthur Fleck speak about being tired of being happy all the time?

MONEY | 5-minute read

How Indian courts could be holding back the economy

The burden of economically irresponsible judicial decision-making could be exponential as was the case with the famous coal block allocation case.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why the BJP looks set to retain its Midas touch in Maharashtra and Haryana

Exit polls suggest BJP will retain power in the two states. But what do the numbers portend for the Congress?

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How India needs to handle Donald Trump

A president who declares himself as a 'stable genius' and makes foreign policy based on instincts cannot be tackled easily.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why Lebanon's happiest depressed people may end up more disappointed

Lebanon is one of the most indebted countries in the world. Those demanding change are doing it with songs and dance.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why Mahatma Gandhi's views on education are important today

Gandhi's most important and prescriptive principle was to the effect that what you do with your hands will enter your heart.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How Xi Jinping crossed the Nepal hurdle

Important projects impacting India's security were inked between China and Nepal.

ART & CULTURE | 5-minute read

A peek into the Joker's mind

When the film ended, I instinctively looked around for my mask before I realised I was wearing it already.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

China-Nepal ties are deepening. What can India do?

There is no point bemoaning Chinese presence.

LIFE | 3-minute read

How the single Indian woman is guarding her freedom

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why independent Indian women are embracing the unattached life, in the October 21 edition of India Today magazine.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

How Nobel for Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer rewards curiosity

Over time, through the interventions of these economists, nations like India could change policy designs on improving delivery outcomes.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

Is over-reliance on confessions inviting killings in custody?

Pradeep Tomar was reportedly called in to the police station for questioning in connection with the murder of a woman.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What went unsaid between Modi and Xi

Everything that happened at Mamallapuram remains 'informal', including the decisions taken (if any).

VOICES | 5-minute read

Mohan Bhagwat is right. Indian Muslims like me are so happy they just can't handle

Don't send more happiness our way. We don't know how to deal with it anymore.

POLITICS | 6-minute read

From 1999 to 2019: This is what has changed for me in Maharashtra's bitterly contested polls

Every election had a hook. This is what makes 2019 elections so unique.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Mamallapuram meet: India-China balancing game is a pie in the sky

Forget about delivering something substantive on outstanding issues, Beijing has displayed undiluted hostility towards New Delhi.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why should Indians continue to live under the shadow of sedition?

Indian democracy must consider whether the offence of sedition itself must be abolished.

POLITICS | 8-minute read

India needs a new Gandhi to fight Chinese digital colonisation

Chinese companies continue to secure and store the largest amount of consumer data from the world's fastest growing consumer market - India.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Roadmap for India's $5 trillion journey

The Indian growth story will be an organic, consumption-led narrative spurred by the service sector.

ART & CULTURE | 4-minute read

War's success shows critics and audiences differ on what is a good film

The Hrithik Roshan-Tiger Shroff starrer film is as far as it can be from anything that could further the cause of cinema, but that isn't something that concerns the viewer.