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Triple Talaq

MONEY | 4-minute read

After no to RCEP, India must avoid protectionism at all costs

Maybe India was correct in staying out of RCEP, but now it has a lot more work to do at home.

MONEY | 5-minute read

Will the government's big real estate revival plan help the cash-strapped sector?

The housing sector has been affected by serious cash-flow problems and insolvency-related issues.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why Modi's decision on not joining RCEP makes a lot of sense

India has a trade deficit to the tune of $184 billion with the 15 member countries.

MONEY | 5-minute read

Why this is a not so Happy Diwali

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why the economic gloom refuses to go away this festive season, in the October 28 edition of India Today magazine.

MONEY | 5-minute read

How Indian courts could be holding back the economy

The burden of economically irresponsible judicial decision-making could be exponential as was the case with the famous coal block allocation case.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Roadmap for India's $5 trillion journey

The Indian growth story will be an organic, consumption-led narrative spurred by the service sector.

MONEY | 5-minute read

When Mohan Bhagwat asked 'swadeshi yani kya hai' in the age of Made in China

Is the sarsanghchalak inkling towards a change in RSS's commitment to swadeshi economics?

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why Nirmala Sitharaman's tax cut announcement isn't a long-term solution

The approach to 'reform' has often included short-term measures that allow the economic car engine to start and push ahead faster but slow down eventually.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Will Nirmala Sitharaman’s last-mile gambit pull the economy out of slump?

The ‘last-mile’ window, on the face of it, is likely to help provide the necessary funding for healthy housing projects. That won’t be enough.

MONEY | 5-minute read

How to get the Indian economy back on track

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the 'Hard Times', and how to get the economy back on track, in the September 16 edition of India Today magazine.

MONEY | 8-minute read

Why the current economic slowdown is worse than that of 2008

The government is yet to even acknowledge that there is a slowdown.

MONEY | 5-minute read

India’s time to trade freely: A ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ is on its way, but is India ready?

Is India competitive enough to be set ‘free’ in the Indo-Pacific?

MONEY | 6-minute read

Biting India's economy hardest: Policy uncertainty is adding huge volatility to already troubled sectors

India's black swan moment is here. Its total unpredictability is sending jitters across already shaky markets.

MONEY | 5-minute read

A Towering Modinomics Feat: Why the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is among Modi 2.0's biggest achievements

Non-performing assets have been the Congress-led UPA regime's worst legacy. The IBC helps undo that festering damage by ensuring institutional lending and corporate rescue frameworks.

MONEY | 4-minute read

The signs are clear: India is on the verge of an economic slowdown

Not just the small businesses, even the large ones are beginning to feel the pinch now.

MONEY | 5-minute read

Union Budget 2019: Why expectations on income tax, farmers and corporates are running high

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present the Union Budget on 5 July. Here are three key sectors of prime concern. Will their expectations be met?

MONEY | 2-minute read

Union Budget 2019: Why the Budget so scares me

The Budget reminds me each time, every year, how my entire education was a lie and I spent pointless hours chasing thetas and hexagons.

MONEY | 8-minute read

Budget 2019: How Modi 2.0 can tweak taxes, raise public spending on crucial sectors and raise employment

There are glaring gaps in India's economy. Women, SCs and STs are slipping through these. It is crucial, and doable, that the Modi govt fills these gaps via Budget 2019.

MONEY | 14-minute read

The Modi Masterstroke: How GST unified India

The Congress sat on the GST for years and did nothing. In contrast, the Modi govt both implemented this path-breaking reform and kept improving it, to benefit the common citizen in multiple ways.

MONEY | 9-minute read

Indian Economy: Stories of a structural slowdown are farce. Data shows Modinomics is propelling India towards strong growth

Key corporates in the cement, two-wheeler, home loans and consumer goods space are clocking in healthy double-digit growth. Sectors facing a temporary slowdown are hit by global or seasonal factors only.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Dire Straits: The Indian economy is in a major slowdown. Can Nirmala Sitharaman fix it?

With economic growth at its lowest and unemployment at its highest in several quarters, alongside a likely delayed monsoon, the FM's task is only uphill.

MONEY | 5-minute read

Interim Budget 2019: Tax advantages for buyers of a second property

Decoding the amended Section 54 benefits announcement in Interim Budget 2019.

MONEY | 3-minute read

How the Indian government threw Walmart a Googly!

Walmart faces stringent government regulations just a few months after it bought Flipkart. The timing is crucial. Will it faze the US giant?

MONEY | 3-minute read

Budget Afterthought: Big hug to the middle class

Budget 2019 was a chronicle of achievements, a roadmap for the future, envisaging the return of the NDA, garnished with pre-poll populism, and finally, some warmth for the tax payer.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Budget 2019: Why Modi govt should walk the talk on promises

The government has already sounded the war bugle on elections. But in the bargain, the promises made need to be implemented with care.

MONEY | 7-minute read

Why our political parties romanticise poverty

A politics of hand-outs hasn’t removed poverty from India. It has embedded it even more deeply. Narendra Modi was elected to end this politics. He is now following it.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Budget 2019: 10 big 'Josh' announcements which will change the political game

Key announcements made in the Modi govt's Interim Budget will impact a longer time-frame, and will strongly change the political landscape for the BJP, making a determined push to woo the middle class now.

MONEY | 1-minute read

Budget 2019: When and where to watch live streaming of the Interim Budget

You can watch Goyal’s budget speech live here to know what are the government’s plans for income tax slabs, indirect taxes, agriculture, new trains et al.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Interim budget 2019: Presumptions and probabilities

Last year's Budget focused on farmers and social welfare. It largely ignored the private sector and the middle class. Will this Interim Budget mind those gaps?

MONEY | 5-minute read

Do we really want to give our youth free money?

Rahul Gandhi’s move to ensure minimum income guarantee (MIG) for the poor is well-intentioned. But it could damage the psychology of a nation which is proud of its demographic dividend.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why Rahul Gandhi’s promise of a universal basic income is worth being discussed

There is speculation that UBI could well be on the list of what the Narendra Modi government also offers voters through the Interim Budget.

MONEY | 7-minute read

Interim Budget 2019: It’s deflation that's hurting you! And it could hurt BJP too

The biggest chink in Narendra Modi-Amit Shah’s electoral armour is the economy which is the grip of strong deflation and plummeting demand. It is here that the Opposition has its sharpest advantage.

MONEY | 4-minute read

India to be the world’s 5th largest economy: Why this vital story should not be underplayed

The failure to acknowledge India’s growth story for the fear of who will walk away with the credit is a grave injustice to the 1.33 crore-plus people of this country. It also prepares the path for economic harm rather than further good health.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Relief for farmers to tax exemptions: 5 things Arun Jaitley could offer to woo voters through Union Budget 2019

The traditional Halwa Ceremony has been carried out and the Budget preparation is underway. Given that the 2019 general election is around the corner, what are the sweet treats the Modi government could offer in this interim Budget?

MONEY | 3-minute read

What to expect from the GST council’s meeting on January 10

With an eye on the upcoming elections, the government would want to fine-tune the tax system as far as possible.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Is an average 8 per cent growth over the next five years possible in India?

The document highlights 41 key areas that it has identified for growth.

MONEY | 2-minute read

Banks to strike, shut shop for 5 days: Who allows them to rob us of our festive cheer?

The big question that the bank officials don’t seem to care about is how people are to cope without banking services for so long? Are they only interested in getting some extra holidays?

MONEY | 3-minute read

India on hold: What the markets are telling us

As assembly results arrive, and Urjit Patel exits, the markets shook at the thought of life without Narendra Modi.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Will Modi government revisit GDP numbers?

The biggest casualty of such a scenario of frequently changing or unreliable data is new investments.

MONEY | 4-minute read

What shines and who has been exposed in the politics over GDP numbers

GDP numbers tell a fantastic story of India's economic resilience in which the country’s politics has turned farcical.

MONEY | 3-minute read

7 reasons why personal loans have become popular

Many banks are offering personal loans through ATMs to the eligible individuals.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Is the RBI hoarding too much money in its reserves?

It would be prudent to remember that the capital reserves of the RBI are public funds.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Centre vs RBI: Why the differences are still not over

The board did not discuss the contentious aspect of the governance structure of the RBI.

MONEY | 5-minute read

The difficulty of being Urjit Patel

A war of words, marathon meetings and the RBI does pretty much what the government wanted it to. So, why the high voltage drama?

MONEY | 8-minute read

Don't Tell The Governor: Excerpt from Ravi Subramanian's scintillating new novel

What does one do when one knows the country is headed towards the biggest financial event in recent history? Find out in the portion featured

MONEY | 4-minute read

Centre vs RBI: What is the way ahead?

All eyes are on the November 19 board meeting of the RBI, when the government nominees are bound to press for the need for an ‘economic framework’ for the bank.

MONEY | 4-minute read

Why it is time Modi government apologises for the demonetisation disaster

The move inflicted avoidable pain on farmers, daily wage labourers and small enterprises. Also, it served a huge blow to economic growth.

MONEY | 4-minute read

RBI Vs Modi govt: What we know about the public spat so far

The Centre has reportedly invoked powers under Section 7 of the RBI Act to issue directions to the central bank on matters of public interest.

MONEY | 6-minute read

Why Manohar Parrikar’s absence has left Goa’s economy in doldrums

With a mining ban and fall in GST and excise duty collection, the state needs a leader who can take a call on important matters as and when they arise.

MONEY | 3-minute read

Pain of IL&FS crisis will be much deeper for real estate and construction sector

Brace up for more job losses and slackening demand. The government needs to act quickly and cushion the impact of the credit squeeze.