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LIFE | 4-minute read

Why it is important to be emotionally intelligent

People with a high level of emotional stability have a higher chance of coming out of depression naturally.

LIFE | 6-minute read

Lockdown Life of A Teacher: How WhatsApp groups replaced classrooms

As teachers, we have unlearned and learned a lot more since the lockdown forced us and our classes the digital way.

LIFE | 13-minute read

How face masks in India went from being a necessity to a fashion statement

What began as a necessity to battle the novel coronavirus outbreak has kinda become a sartorial addition to make style statements.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Eat, Play, Love: How to be a super dad this Father's Day

The role of a father is as important as a mother’s for a child’s development right from the early years of life.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Lockdown Parenting: How to deal with your child's online summer classes

If most of this year doesn’t seem normal to you, then how else will you explain online summer classes?

LIFE | 4-minute read

Lockdown Lessons: How to survive mommy groups and perfect kids on social media

Week after week, there were posts where picture-perfect meals were served in the most ideal setting and their kid’s flawless art prominently placed in the centre of the table that made me want to barf.

LIFE | 5-minute read

What to eat to build your immunity in Corona times

The good news is that it is never too late to start building your immunity because the human body can start healing and becoming stronger in a short span of time.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Anxiety, fear, screens: How to sleep well in times of Corona

The time when counting sheep or stars helped, or a good post-dinner walk made us tired enough to nod off over a late-night conversation, ended long ago.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Why focus on mental health and staying together is critical in these trying times

In recent times, environmental stress, financial pressures, family commitments, unrealistic professional expectations and a host of other stressors are manifesting in people of all ages and walks of life.

LIFE | 3-minute read

How I keep fit all round the year, festive season or not

One of Bollywood's fittest stars shares her top tips to stay healthy in the after-festival season.

LIFE | 3-minute read

How the single Indian woman is guarding her freedom

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about why independent Indian women are embracing the unattached life, in the October 21 edition of India Today magazine.

LIFE | 4-minute read

The only weight-loss diet you need this festive season. Chuck the rest

Ditch these foods — now.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Because you're incredible, India: Why I hope my show with PM Modi becomes the most watched in TV history

Writing exclusively for DailyO, Bear Grylls discusses shooting with PM Modi and why he thinks scouting could empower young Indians to be leaders and help preserve the environment.

LIFE | 2-minute read

Smart ‘desi’ food with a dollop of Gulati spice: This restaurant whips up delicious chicken tikka and Philadelphia cheese naans

A heaven for foodies!

LIFE | 6-minute read

Midnight's Most Confused Child: What Salman Rushdie's tweet on Kashmir tells us about him

Salman Rushdie feels India is committing an atrocity in Kashmir. Ironically, Rushdie would be killed on sight in Kashmir, which India is trying to protect from the onslaught of global jihadism.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Busting pregnancy myths: 6 mistakes most pregnant women make and how to avoid them

Spoiler alert: ‘Eating for two’ might do more harm than good.

LIFE | 4-minute read

In independent India, why don't I feel free? After Unnao, this question again haunts me

Although our nation is free, our girls don't feel it. We live in constant fear of what could happen. I survived a terrible harassment episode. Others, like the Unnao victim, may not make it.

LIFE | 3-minute read

After Article 370, new style: This can be a fresh start for fashion designers from J&K and Ladakh

This is a carpe-diem moment for fashion designers in the UTs, to celebrate their cultural identity, educate about their roots and tell their rich textile story in designs that go beyond the pheran.

LIFE | 6-minute read

Not kheer, Rampuri gulathhi is fereni but with a twist

The rich milk and rice sweet dish, gulathhi, finds no mention in ancient recipe books but here, it plays an important celebratory cuisine in a love story.

LIFE | 2-minute read

Eid ul adha: No sugar but spice and everything nice, ‘salty Eid’ is all about food and more

Eid ul zuha or Bakr Eid is a day marked with slow-cooked savoury meat dishes and fluffy naan, rotis.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Seven reasons why you must give up on refined sugar and switch to jaggery today

Excess of refined sugar can cause a lot of health problems.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Because home isn't a slaughter house: Bombay HC prohibits slaying of animals in houses for Bakrid

There will be no slaughtering of goats and sheep for Eid in people's homes, rules the Bombay HC. This is an order to be hailed.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Sacrifice doesn't only mean killing an animal: Why I'm vegan on Eid and every other day

As a Muslim, I find going vegan far closer to my religious philosophy. It is also much better for health and for the planet. And you literally sacrifice your greed.

LIFE | 12-minute read

Why I undertook the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra: And what I learnt on the journey of my soul

Seeking the Lord in His home in Mount Kailash is an experience that can only be felt and seldom described.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Nature budgeting: It's high time beneficiaries started paying the Himalayan communities for maintenance of ecosystem

Nature budgeting is the need of the hour. The Himalayas have subsidized the entire civilization and now, it’s payback time.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Whose validation do you seek? Coffee King VG Siddhartha’s death has taught me a big lesson

VG Siddhartha’s sudden death made me question how I see success and failure, and whose estimation I really should seek.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Kill Po Che: Kite-flying looks like fun but can be fatal. Like Delhi, all state govts should ban the killer manja today

Even with strict laws against glass or metal-coated manja, the failure to implement the ban claims innumerable lives across the country every year.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Halal vs Jhatka: The day I saw a goat killed decided the debate for me

With Bakr Eid around the corner, the jhatka meat vs halal debate is bound to come to the fore. I know which meat will meet my expectations.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Down with the seasonal flu? A smart way of beating the virus is to eat according to the season

Snuggling in, with a blanket and calling in sick from work can only do so much. You have to beat the virus at its own game!

LIFE | 4-minute read

The right direction, finally: Why the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill is truly a historic turn

The Bill is a huge victory for every road safety activist in the country. It is also a significant help for every road accident victim. It will act as a deterrent and reduce accidents.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Depression, and dealing with it: Real accounts of people sharing their journey towards healing

We need to talk about depression. But are we striking the right conversation? The book Real Stories of Dealing With Depression, tries to arrive, through personal accounts, on a viable solution.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Withering Heights? The massive tree plantation movement in UP shows numbers, not environmental conservation, matter

No one from the UP forest department looks after old plantations. The seedlings are planted but there are no regular quality checks. How will this really help?

LIFE | 9-minute read

Women’s bodies and moral policing: Hypocritical Indian society has no right to dictate norms to us

Crimes against women in India are spiking. Yet, instead of controlling men, society casts a severe eye on what the woman was wearing and who she was with. It's time we stopped listening.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Happy Birthday, Mumtaz! From starlet to superstar, the incredible journey of Mumu aka Mumtaz

Actor Mumtaz’s legacy of hit songs and memorable movies mesmerize her fans even today. Remarkably, she became a superstar with great struggle and huge dedication.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Savage humans kill tiger: We rejoice over the tiger census, but what about the Pilibhit mob murdering a tiger?

On International Tiger Day, it is crucial to note that while tiger numbers are rising, so are the beasts within us as well.

LIFE | 5-minute read

A primer on Hepatitis A, B and C: This World Hepatitis Day, let’s pledge to de-stigmatize and end the life threatening disease

It’s high time we let go of the stigma associated with Hepatitis and treated the infected with love, care and let them exist in the society with dignity.

LIFE | 3-minute read

Child stars of social media: 6-year-old buys Rs 55 crore house by running a YouTube channel. Is this child labour?

A six-year-old is just too young to express if s/he wants to be part of a video or start a YouTube channel. Or even desires the multiple kinds of attention she's going to get via the Internet.

LIFE | 4-minute read

No, your diet doesn't have enough protein

Good news is that you are losing weight. But the bad news is that it's your muscle weight.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Inside the millennial brain: Why is the current generation so resistant to commitment?

Millennials cannot process anything with more than two syllables — relationships being one of them.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Birthday tribute to the man who carries ‘Bharat’ with him, Manoj Kumar

Known for his patriotic movies with songs that continue to feature on many playlists in the country, actor Manoj Kumar turns 82.

LIFE | 3-minute read

La Roca: A restaurant for ‘The new Indian’

The new breed of desi diners may appreciate the truly global comfort food here, where the creative boundaries are stretched not only for the sake of being inventive.

LIFE | 4-minute read

How India is catching up with China with the launch of Chandrayaan-2

Chandrayaan-2, India's indigenous moon mission will set off for space, India's next mission will surely be to send humans to moon.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Paradise Lost: Much like Satan, my fall occurred when I ‘fell’ from the heaven of childhood's simple joys

I never knew I would relate to the anti-hero of a 17th century epic poem so much. But as loneliness closes in on so many as a social epidemic today, it is clear I am not even alone.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Floods or Droughts: How nature can cure India's impending water crisis

The idea of water governance should be based on demand management and adapting to the moods of nature, instead of trying to control it.

LIFE | 6-minute read

This Bollywood story of abuse is all masala till it turns real

All characters and events depicted in this story are real. Any similarity to actual events or persons, dead or living, is very sad, but well, it isn’t coincidental.

LIFE | 3-minute read

No Snow Whites here: Bianca Devins murder made social media a mirror, we are all evil

There is no use pinning the fallout on Instagram or Discord because the fault lies in all of us.

LIFE | 3-minute read

All you need to know about Angela Merkel-like tremors and how to cure them

The German chancellor’s sporadic shaking spells has left the global community worried. Tremors signal an underlying health issue, some of which are easily remedied through right food.

LIFE | 5-minute read

Here's the real reason behind high cut-offs in Delhi University

As soon as the board exam results are declared, students and parents stress over skyrocketing cut-offs. But what exactly is fuelling this spike?

LIFE | 3-minute read

Lunar eclipse is natural and no evil should be associated with it

July 16, night India will be observing a partial lunar eclipse, there is no myth associated with the eclipse and it just happens to be a natural phenomenon.

LIFE | 4-minute read

Sakshi Mishra is just one of the many daughters 'owned' by Indian families

Families decide marriages for adults, grown-up enough to decide which government should be in power. Daughters who protest often end up paying with their lives.