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POLITICS | 4-minute read

What drives Narendra Modi in times of crises

The toughest times have been met by the Prime Minister with calm.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Lead Me (Like You Should)

The Covid-19 crisis has laid bare leadership in each country, sealing the fate of its people as an invisible enemy wreaks havoc.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The political economy of coronavirus

Post the pandemic, changing the way global supply chains function and shifting manufacturing and production out of China is how new opportunities emerge for India.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

Maha Battle against Covid-19 is intensifying

Though the state machinery came into action right after the first case, the situation has become more critical in Maharashtra as cases are rising every day.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

Bihar CM grants Rs 100 crore for victims of Covid-19

Top government officials admit that with Nitish Kumar at the helm, the state government’s response system has always performed several notches above the standardised levels during all previous disasters.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The fall and rise of Jyotiraditya: Why Congress was not able to retain its floor manager

At the moment, things are such a mess in the Congress, that if he had a chance, even Rahul will not mind joining the BJP.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

The dawn of information warfare

For 70 years, Chinese propaganda has been mastering the Art of Disinformation. Beijing’s rewriting history of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising is a classic example.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What Shivraj Singh Chouhan did when Modi was talking social distancing

The Madhya Pradesh chief minister has killed irony several times over by asking people to not be a Covidiot.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

When Shivraj Singh Chouhan came back on the big stage

Chouhan, more popularly known as “Mamaji” for the various schemes he introduced to benefit the women of Madhya Pradesh, resumed the CM’s gaddi after a hiatus of a little over 15 months.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why India needs to be on the 'rights' side of the United Nations

When UN OHCHR sought to file an intervention application in the Supreme Court against CAA, the Indian government claimed that no foreign party has locus standi on CAA as it pertains to Indian sovereignty.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

Coronavirus pandemic: The impact of a delayed harvest

Farmers are worried about the fallout of Covid-19 on the harvest season.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why the world should not meddle in India's internal affairs

The government has to fight on two fronts — against the internal lobbies ranged against it and the external lobbies as well, with both in symbiosis.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How PM Modi is an effective leader in times of coronavirus pandemic

These are tough times of global crisis when leadership has been in short supply. For India, Modi has so far been successful in providing the right mix of authority and reassurance.

POLITICS | 2-minute read

Indian Navy will consider subs by the Kilo

The Kilo class is the most numerous submarine class operated by the Indian Navy.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Ranjan Gogoi’s nomination is in keeping with Rajya Sabha’s highest standards

The former Chief Justice of India has not been made a Rajya Sabha member on a party ticket, but has been nominated by the President.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How to Bust a Bank

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about the YES Bank crisis and the fatal combination of ambition, greed and corruption that led to a series of failures of Indian banks, in the March 23, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

What are the lessons learnt from the Scindia saga

It is not just that Scindia’s role is badly enacted but the silence of other Congress leaders is also frustrating. Even Rahul or Sonia or the CM could do with a few more lines of explanation.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How PM Modi scored with COVIDiplomacy

Disrupting conventional thinking, Prime Minister Modi held a video conference to fight Covid-19 with all SAARC leaders.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why India needs a new energy roadmap

While India has given a strong turn in the energy roadmap towards renewables and re-balancing the energy mix, it would be unfair to expect to wean off fossil fuels completely at this stage of our developmental cycle.

POLITICS | 6-minute read

Sonia-Rahul differences on old guard vs Young Turks have doomed Congress

While many reasons are being attributed to Jyotiraditya Scindia quitting the Congress, only the Nehru-Gandhi family is to be blamed for the mess.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How will Congress survive the contagion spreading in its ranks

Fortunes of leaders like Jagan Mohan Reddy and Himanta Biswa Sarma have soared after leaving the Congress. Will Jyotiraditya also strike gold?

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How social media has become a weapon of the modern armed forces

Of late, it has increasingly become apparent that social media is more than a tool today. It has become a weapon in its own right.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Who failed Delhi?

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how Delhi riots were a breakdown of institutions designed to anticipate, avert and act against communal incidents, in the March 16, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 6-minute read

DailyOh! Why Jyotiraditya's father paid rent to stay in his grandpa's house to how The Burning Train song gave Asha Bhosle a tough time

Yashodhara Raje Scindia has called Jyotiraditya’s entry into the BJP a ghar wapasi, but the family has fight bitterly over ‘ghar’ and more.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Krishna Menon’s Aksai Chin error

Menon was one of the strangest characters to have appeared on the political scene after independence.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Trump handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban

Donald Trump admitted publicly that the Taliban could well take over power in Afghanistan, arguing that the United States cannot be there for another 20 years.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Understanding the bias of the western media in covering Delhi violence

Foreign media rarely analyse why an overwhelming majority of India’s 200 million Muslims don’t want to settle in a Muslim-majority country.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Tavleen Singh’s Messiah Modi is a book for Modi

In her new book Messiah Modi, the biggest charge Singh makes against Modi is that he has developed the ‘messiah syndrome’.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why there is not much left to rage against after Delhi riots

Delhi riot was independent India’s first digital riot, broadcast live on our phones. There was nothing that was hidden, and it was left to the people to make up their minds as to who did what and when.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Coming up Trumps

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how the US President’s visit was a triumph of Modi’s personalised, pragmatic and multi-aligned foreign policy, in the March 9, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What Rashmi Thackeray, Saamana's first woman editor, means for Shiv Sena

The editorial in Saamana — founded by Bal Thackeray — has always been considered the voice of the party chief.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Why India must get Myanmar right

Besides India’s neighbourhood policy, fructification of the wider Indo-Pacific policy of India also depends on its relations with Myanmar.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why is the judiciary under pressure?

Hearing the plea on hate speeches by BJP leaders ahead of the Delhi riots, the Supreme Court said that it is feeling “pressure” of the circumstances and cannot “handle” the pressure.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How Delhi's 'return to normalcy' after the riots is not normal

Civil society has to respond, rise to the occasion inventively and to respond to a regime that does not understand the spirit of the preamble.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

No one caused Delhi riots?

Today, depending on which side you are batting for, you choose your own facts and then force other people to conform to whatever opinion you subscribe to.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

What made Trump's India visit a political and diplomatic success

It must go to India's credit that despite his previous track record, Trump didn't embarrass the hosts.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Modi 2.0 is paving new ways for paradigm changes in water governance in India

Water needs a multidisciplinary approach that exceeds the capacity of reductionist engineering and myopic neoclassical economics.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

How Trump's visit was big on impact

The true impact of 'Namaste Trump' will far exceed the hype or the fine print.

POLITICS | 14-minute read

Is there a way out for the Congress?

Commentators say that the biggest problem is that Rahul Gandhi is the chosen one and the party doesn’t know what he stands for.

POLITICS | 9-minute read

DailyOh! Raymond connection to Air Force One colours to why Namaste and Namaskar Trump are not same

Air Force One and POTUS are inseparable. So much so that if the US President isn’t onboard, Air Force One cannot even be called Air Force One.

POLITICS | 7-minute read

Telangana firmly on the path of development as Andhra deals with past TDP mistakes

The TRS government is balancing development and welfare. YSR Congress is busy fixing problems created by its predecessor.

POLITICS | 3-minute read

Stop this dog fight and listen to Swamiji. Menstruation starts with men

Swamiji Krushnaswarup Dasji's words have outraged the liberals who think girls of menstruating age menstruate and refuse to acknowledge that the word menstruation begins with men, who decide what women can touch and when.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

Why POTUS needs India on his side

Much needs to be done by the Modi government to take the India-US relationship to a new level despite key challenges.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Delhi election results: How vikas won

India Today Group Editor-in-Chief talks about how Arvind Kejriwal scored an emphatic victory in Delhi after AAP’s governance card trumped the BJP’s polarising campaign, in the February 24, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

POLITICS | 5-minute read

How Kejriwal used Modi mantra in Delhi to beat him at his own game

From saying there is no alternative to Kejriwal to ridiculing his opponent, the Delhi CM followed the Modi script to the last word.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Delhi election results: How democracy has made the voter a clown

The process began when the results of the 2014 national elections came out. Many called it a vote for Hindutva.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Will Arvind Kejriwal reward Manish Sisodia the way Modi rewarded Shah?

It seems like more than anyone else, it is Sisodia who is aware of his limitations as a politician.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

What are the lessons for AAP, BJP and Congress from Delhi Election results?

Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party can now aspire to spread wings in other states as well.

POLITICS | 3-minute read

AAP 2020: Time to make Delhi a truly world-class capital

The Delhi legislative assembly election 2020 was a very important election due to various reasons, both national and local.

POLITICS | 4-minute read

Kejriwal's charisma wins Delhi for AAP

Kejriwal’s comeback is all the more significant because he repeated his 2015 feat so convincingly.