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Congress MLA wants roads like Katrina Kaif's cheeks. 5 times politicians made the most bizarre statements

Rajasthan Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Gudha wants the roads of his district to be as smooth as Katrina Kaif's cheeks. As far as bizarre-ness of politicians' statements go, Gudha is right there at the top of the list. But he's not alone.

POLITICS  |   3-minute read  |   25-11-2021

What are your expectations from a road? No seriously, give it a thought. It should be damage-free, spacious, with less traffic. Right? But would you ever expect roads of your locality to be like an actress’s cheeks? Well, someone does (for real).

While addressing people in Udaipurwati in Rajasthan, Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Gudha said that “the roads [of his district] should be as smooth as Katrina Kaif’s cheeks.”


The minister made this bizarre statement during his first visit to his assembly constituency, Udaipurwati. During the interaction, some people demanded better roads in the district. Jokingly, MLA Gudha told the chief engineer of the PWD that the district should have roads like “Katrina Kaif’s cheeks”.

"Roads should be made like Katrina Kaif's cheeks", said Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha while addressing a public gathering in Jhunjhunu district#RAJENDRASINGHGUDHA #KATRINAKAIF #Rajasthan #Congress #BJP

— Shivam Chaudhary?? (@SHIVAM706) November 24, 2021

We know this sounds quite unbelievable, but this is not the first time we're hearing something like this! Several politicians have made such bizarre statements in the past that you will need a while to lift your jaw from the floor. We have listed a few for you.


Ramdas Athawale, Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment and President of the Republican Party of India chanted “Go Karuna (corona)” during the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in India. The video became a national sensation. He can be seen with a group of people on the streets, with all of them holding posters and reciting the jingle. Go Corona should be an anthem of sorts, we think. No?

Ramdas Athawale Requests Corona To Go Back From India ? Corona Go, Go Corona....7 Years Of Disaster.

— Kiran WithRG (@Bharatvasi29) June 4, 2021


Former Congress leader Surender Kumar went viral after he said Priyanka Chopra zindabad instead of Priyanka Gandhi at a rally in Delhi.

He said, “Sonia Gandhi zindabad! Congress party zindabad! Rahul Gandhi zindabad! Priyanka Chopra zindabad!” 

Former Congress party legislator Surendra Kumar gave the slogan of "Priyanka Chopra Zindabad." ??

— Avnijesh Singh (@Avnijesh) December 1, 2019


Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit made a next-to-impossible remark in 2012, during the launch of Annshree Yojana, Delhi government’s cash-for-food programme. She mentioned that the subsidy of Rs 600 is “adequate for buying the monthly dal, roti and chawal for a family of five”.

If you do the maths, this statement states that a person can survive on food for Rs 4 per day. Well, in such a case you’ll be buying orange candies for lunch and dinner.



Jitender Chhatar, a panchayat leader in Harayana’s Jind district blamed the delicious chowmein for increasing rape cases in the state. “Consumption of chowmein leads to hormonal imbalance and the urge to indulge in such acts [rape],” he said in October 2012.


It is not the first time when Bollywood actress’s cheeks became an inspiration for roadways. Raja Ram Pandey (late) from Samajwadi Party also made a similar comment. He promised 'roads like cheeks of Hema Malini and Madhuri Dixit' in Pratapgarh district, Uttar Pradesh.


Do you know of other bizarre remarks by politicians? Let us know in the comments below.

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