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SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

How an army of data labellers are behind India's AI boom

Indian AI sector is growing by leaps and bounds and data labelling business is expected to be valued at $1.2 billion by 2023.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Pegasus snooping scandal and the privacy debate

The WhatsApp-Pegasus snooping scandal throws up disturbing questions for the Indian nation and its polity.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

What this year's Physics Nobel laureates unravelled about the universe

This year's winners have revolutionised the theoretical as well as observational understanding of the cosmos.

SCI-TECH | 13-minute read

When a human and an android got talking

This fictional dialogue flags questions and concerns as we confront the age of artificial intelligence.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Lessons for ISRO from the jolt to Chandrayaan-2

India's second mission to the Moon has suffered only a partial setback and the orbiter is expected to give lots of inputs to take the scientific experimentation ahead.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

The floods are your fault: Why I think we are primarily responsible for the devastating flooding all around

When we choose AC comfort or our own vehicle over public transport, we are harming the environment. It's not just world leaders who can fix the planet. It's you and me, if we actually care.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

A mouse with a human heart? Japanese scientist plans to grow human organs in the bodies of mice

While Japanese scientist Hiromitsu Nakauchi's research could lead to new sources of human organs for transplant, the question of animal rights is also crucial.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

The race to the moon: Once taking baby steps in the space arena, India has now become a force to be reckoned with

With Chandrayaan-2 being launched, and Gangayaan in the works, India has established itself as a space superpower.

SCI-TECH | 17-minute read

Let not the vested interests fool you: Chandrayaan-2 launch has not failed, it has only been delayed

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too — Chandrayaan 2 is the perfect exception to this rule.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Mosquito Not? Have scientists created a venomous GM fungus that can kill 99% malaria mosquitoes, but without harming us?

Scientists develop a genetically-modified fungus that wipes out malaria vector mosquitoes with 99% efficiency. But what could be its other effects?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Eating insects to save the planet? Research suggests lab-grown insect meat could be the most sustainable way forward

But will this be easily digested by most of us out there?

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Spring Equinox: Greet the date that gives you an equal amount of day and night

Tradition meets science as Holi falls a day after equinox — both heralding the end of winter.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Food security is looming large over our heads. Will we be able to digest this?

UN says that one-third of global edible food gets wasted and 56% of the wastage happens in the industrialised world. Millions in the other part of the world are starving.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Hope for millions as the scientists discover potential cure for HIV-AIDS

Two of three cases have responded positively to the treatment for HIV. Would this be the next breakthrough in medical science research?

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Not as virile anymore? Blame those chemicals you cleaned your house with

Next time you are not able to "perform", blame those cleaners, paints and beauty aides — they have been degrading not only your fertility but also that of your dog.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

MIG 29 vs F 16, Mirage vs Chengdu, Sukhoi vs Thunder: Comparing India and Pakistan's deadliest aircraft

A round-up of the best aircraft that the Indian and Pakistani air forces possess.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

The camera phone race: Do we even need five cameras on our phones?

After losing out to informed buyers in the megapixel race, smartphone makers have now jumped into a camera race.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Asus Zenfone Max M2: The good, the bad and the ugly

The Zenfone Max M2 is an interesting option for buyers in the segment, and as such, is worth taking a closer look at. Here's our take on it.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Super snow moon: Tonight, the lunar orb will present a rare visual treat for earth dwellers

If you miss the super snow moon tonight, you will have to wait for seven more years before the universe bestows another chance.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Pulwama attack aftermath: Why it's a moment of reckoning for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Google

Much has been theorised about how big tech and social media have disrupted societies across the world. The aftermath of Pulwama is this theory demonstrated in practice.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

How Apple is looking at a foldable display iPhone to win back the market

According to a patent recently filed by Apple, the Cupertino-based tech giant is looking at foldable display phones to win back the market.

SCI-TECH | 7-minute read

The Hitchhiker's guide to the Samsung Galaxy: How the smartphone line-up has evolved over the years

From the Galaxy S to the Note 9. Exploring the evolution of Samsung's Galaxy phones.

SCI-TECH | 7-minute read

Polar Bear Invasion: Why 50 desperate animals have entered homes in a Russian town

Polar bears can bear no more of global warming. Their recent invasion into human habitation is our fault. And only ours.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Twitter vs Modi Sarkaar: How Parliamentary panel is making the fight against fake news unwinnable

Parliamentary panel's stand-off with Twitter is looking like the govt is mainly concerned with protecting right-wing voices and accounts.

SCI-TECH | 7-minute read

Samsung Galaxy M20 review: Massive battery and solid performance for the masses

We recently tested the device to see what it brings to the table. We give it 8/10.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Satya Nadella turned a tired Microsoft around. Why hasn't his pay kept pace?

Despite reinventing Microsoft as a major player in the cloud and server space, the soft-spoken, cricket-loving India-born techie remains one of the most underpaid CEOs in the tech world. Why so?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Why India is wrong in calling for a PUBG ban

Authorities have listed PUBG and other games as 'harmful to children'. But they are wrong.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Best upcoming camera phones of 2019

Here's taking a look at the best camera phones expected to be launched in the coming months.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Why Budget 2019 is an exciting one for science and technology

Apart from bringing the biggest allocation for defence, Budget 2019 also brings the largest investments in science and technology.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Samsung Galaxy M20: Can the Exynos 7904 be the game changer?

Despite not being the most powerful chipset in the segment, the Exynos 7904 SoC is definitely a step in the right direction.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Tesla, Apple fires employees: Is the electric car dream going bust?

Tesla and Apple have announced major restructuring efforts in their electric car making businesses with the former firing over 3000 employees. Is this the end of the road for this vision, or simply a speed-bump?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks and rumours: Five most interesting features

The Galaxy S10 is expected to be unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event in Barcelona next month.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

E-commerce Republic Day sales: The best deals on Amazon and Flipkart right now

Here are the most aggressive deals and offers on the most coveted gadgets, smartphones and home appliances.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Bandersnatch is not just fun, it may herald a dystopian future

Interactive videos may turn out to be mindless fun and good entertainment, but they may also enable a kind of dystopia that will go beyond even the ones imagined in sci-fi novels.

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

I now worry about every click I make because they are watching us

The internet remembers every click we make and then uses the information to define you and me.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

India becomes world's largest downloader of Android apps, biggest online streamer globally

India has witnessed 165% growth in app downloads across iOS and Android devices in the last two years. What's driving this, and who's benefitting?

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Are Facebook and Instagram manipulating you with the #10YearChallenge?

Hang on! Is Facebook collecting data for a facial recognition system that it's developing? This is something you should know, before posting pictures of you ten years ago to now.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Honor 10 Lite vs Realme U1: Which is the best phone for selfies on a budget?

Let's compare the two phones and see which one comes out on top.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

CES 2019: Rise of the robots to AI taking over homes, all the tech trends that matter

Smart toilets to robot puppies, here are the biggest takeaways from CES 2019.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Is anyone there? Scientists are receiving mysterious radio signals from deep space. Could these be signs of alien life?

Are we finally closer to answering the question that has troubled humanity since the start of time: Are we all alone in the universe?

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

How hackers and cybersecurity experts are both using AI to outdo each other

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and hackers and experts are both using newer, more innovative ways to stay ahead of each other.

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

Astro Calender 2019: The new year promises several spectacles for the starry-eyed!

A 'super blood wolf moon', stunning meteor showers and other major astronomical events of 2019 coming up!

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Are some Android apps sharing unauthorised user data with Facebook?

From location data to information on sexual orientation, religious beliefs and health status, tech giants are gathering a great amount of sensitive knowledge about their users. That's us.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Why India's Science Congress 2019 must mean business

The Science Congress brings on one platform policymakers, top science bureaucrats and leading scientists.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Year in rewind: Biggest stories from the world of tech in 2018

From cryptocurrency collapse to Elon Musk losing the plot, here's everything important that happened in 2018.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Apple iPhone XI to Samsung Galaxy Flex: Smartphones to look out for in 2019

Let’s take a look at the hotly anticipated devices that could be announced in the coming year.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

2018 showed us that democracy can be hacked using Facebook. This should make us worry about 2019

The problem is that our belief in the goodness of technology blindsided us to the devil inside us humans.

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

Indonesian Tsunami: Be it earthquakes or volcanoes, nothing spares the archipelago from deluge

The latest tsunami in Indonesia is yet another product of the geographical disadvantage that the country has, because of being located on the Pacific Ring of Fire

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

2018 in rewind: Best smartphones for every budget

Here are the best phones we saw this year across various price segments.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Why Saturn could soon lose its rings

The planet is eating up its majestic rings from the inside, and as such, they could be gone within the next 100 years.