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SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Apple Car may have no windows. Twitter calls it a mouse on wheels

The Apple Car may not have any windows and operate entirely on VR. Netizens are not pleased and say this is not the Apple Car they want.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

The iPod is dead. 5 ways it changed music, Apple and the world

Twitter is nostalgic over Apple pulling the plug on iPod. The small mp3 music device revolutionalised the way people listened to music and even Apple itself. Here is the story of iPod.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Mumbai-Durgapur SpiceJet plane rocked by storm: 5 worst air crashes caused by turbulence

At least 17 people on board a Spicejet domestic plane were injured due to turbulence that rocked the flight while landing. Are turbulences dangerous?

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Dear Instagram, please bring back these 4 features

We love how Instagram improves the experience for its users with every update. But we also miss some old features that helped us in some way or the other. Here are 4 features of Instagram that we want back.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Will China gain leverage over Twitter with Elon Musk’s takeover?

Elon Musk has definitely got Twitter buzzing over the future of Twitter. Among several unanswered questions is the connection between Twitter, Elon Musk, China and Tesla. How are they related?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Twitter Boss Elon Musk vows to remove Spam Bots. What are Spam Bots though?

Elon Musk is the new Twitter boss. Meanwhile, he has promised to cleanse the platform of spam bots or die trying. What are spam bots?

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Man complains of accident due to Ola S1 Pro scooter. Ola reacts by doxxing him

A man met with an accident while riding his brand new Ola S1 Pro electric scooter. He alleged that the accident was caused by faulty engineering in the scooter. But Ola Electric had a strange response.

SCI-TECH | 8-minute read

Introducing Ola Scooters: For Rs 85k to 1.6 lakh, no test drive, bad battery, customer nightmare

The Ola Electric Scooter launched with a bang. Now, the Ola Electric Twitter replies section is flooded with complaints.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Is Twitter founder Jack Dorsey backing Elon Musk in takeover attempt?

There is never a dull day on Twitter, definitely none AT Twitter as well. Elon Musk may be hatching a very Twittery plot for its hostile takeover, and he seems to have got an unusual backing – from none other than founder Jack Dorsey.

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

Will a geomagnetic storm shut down internet forever?

A geomagnetic storm hit the Earth on April 14 and 15, 2022. But will it really result in electricity and internet outages?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Elon Musk won't join Twitter board: Others who wanted to buy Twitter

There is a new twist to the Elon Musk-Twitter saga. But did you know several other Richie Rich people wanted a bite of the micro-blogging site before Musk?

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Tata launches Neu, a super app. What is it?

The TATA Group rolled out its all-in-one e-commerce app, Neu, today. Though users can now experience all Tata products and services in one app, the launch did not go quite as smoothly.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

What are Elon Musk's plans for Twitter? Twitter has thoughts

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced that Elon Musk has been appointed to the board of the social media company. Twitter users are unsure if it is good news or bad news.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

3D printed houses are TikTok's newest obsession. Meet Alquist and Tvasta

TikTok's newest obsession is building 3D printed houses. Companies like Alquist and Tatva are already doing it, and causing quite the buzz on the internet.

SCI-TECH | 6-minute read

Elon Musk asks if Twitter wants edit button: 14 features we wished Twitter and Instagram had

Do you want an edit button on Twitter? Elon Musk might soon be making your social-media desire come true.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

6 weird NFTs that have actually been sold. For A LOT of money.

From a sleepy Trump to a five-worded tweet and a soul on sale, here are some bizarre items that have been put up on sale as NFTs.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

10 ways to spot a LinkedIn deepfake, like that message in your inbox

From that video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urging his soldiers to surrender, to that message in your LinkedIn inbox, they are all likely unreal and very real deepfakes.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Dyson is making headphones that will clean the air you breathe in

Dyson is all set to release Dyson Zone, noise-cancelling headphones that also purify the air you breathe in.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

8 reasons dumbphones are better than smartphones

Smartphones are known to make us dumb. Here are 8 reasons why we can switch back to the dumbphone.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

How many times have Meta and Facebook been fined?

Facebook's parent company Meta was fined more than $18 million or Rs 137 crore by EU privacy regulator in the latest. But it is not the first significant fine for the social media giant.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Apple iOS 15.4 is here with new emojis, unlock with mask on. 6 updates

The new iOS updates are here and we have some interesting emojis. The software also offers one new mind-blowing update.

SCI-TECH | 1-minute read

5 Apple products from its 2022 launch that left everyone impressed

2022's first Apple product release event saw 5 new products being launched, a new iPhone SE with 5G, a new ultra chip M1, a new version of the iPad Air, a Mac Studio, a whole new desktop PC.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Elon Musk wants his freedom of speech, on Twitter

Elon Musk has asked a federal judge to be released from an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to tweet without pre-approval.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

What is happening in Metaverse these days?

Brands across the globe are leading the charge to set shop in the Metaverse. Be it banks, eateries, shopping, fashion shows or education - it's all coming up in the Metaverse.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Teen stalker Jack Sweeney usually tracks Elon Musk's jet. He is now after Putin

Twitter celeb Jack Sweeney is known to monitor Tesla boss Elon Musk's private jet. Now he is doing the same to Vladimir Putin and Russian oligarchs.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Scientists say NO to the world's first octopus farm. Here's why

Commercial octopus farming is becoming a reality today. But scientists and conservationists are against it for a plethora of reasons.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Will Facebook and Instagram leave Europe? Europeans react

Meta has threatened to leave the European Union over its data protection laws. Safe to say, Europeans are extremely happy.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

Nike sues StockX for selling fake NFTs of its sneakers

Nike has lodged a lawsuit against StockX for unauthorised use of its trademark to sell NFTs.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

5 breakthroughs International Space Station has had since launch

NASA will say goodbye to the International Space Station in 2030. Here are 5 significant breakthroughs the Station has had in the last 24 years.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

A Daler Mehndi concert, and what else is happening in Metaverse

2022 began with a Big Bang as Daler Mehndi became the first Indian singer to perform in the Metaverse. Here are 3 innovations in metaverse that have pleasantly surprised us!

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Spotify takes down Neil Young songs over Joe Rogan, #BoycottSpotify trends on Twitter

The tussle between pro-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers is only getting interesting in the West. Now, audio streaming platform Spotify has chosen to bet on anti-vaxxer Joe Rogan. Will it prove costly?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Men are abusing their AI girlfriends and bragging about it on Reddit

Conversations on Reddit have revealed that increasing number of men are verbally abusing their AI chatbot girlfriends, unravelling a disturbing trend.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Brain dead patient successfully gets genetically modified pig's kidney. The case in 5 points

A 57 year-old brain-dead patient on ventilator in US successfully gets transplanted with genetically modified pig's kidney. How did this medical experiment by surgeons get success?

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

US flights cancelled over 5G rollout concerns. What is happening?

Several airlines have cancelled flights to cities across the US over 5G rollout concerns. What is this chaotic disruption that airlines are warning the US government about?

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Facebook killed me, says Taslima Nasreen. Why did it happen?

Have you been greeted by Facebook with your account turned into an obituary and inaccessible? Well, that's exactly what happened to Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen. But why?

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Google accuses Apple of profiting from bullying over iMessage: What happened?

Google has accused Apple of profiteering from bullying and peer pressure in the US. Here’s the complete story.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Apple hit 3 trillion dollars: 4 times when companies have been more profitable than countries

Apple Inc was able to surprise the world and for a brief time, become the first company worth US $3 trillion, which is higher than the GDP of India. Here are 4 times when companies have out-earned countries.

SCI-TECH | 7-minute read

Who is Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos? Youngest woman billionaire to convicted fraud, rise and fall in 9 points

Elizabeth Holmes has just been convicted on charges of fraud. Once named the youngest woman billionaire in the US, the founder of Theranos, a multi-billion-dollar blood testing company, Holmes has had quite the rise and fall.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

TikTok sued by moderator for PTSD: Who keeps social media safe?

A former content moderator for TikTok is suing the social media giant for causing her psychological trauma due to the job. Who are content moderators and why did the job cause this content moderator mental health issues?

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

10-year-old girl asked Alexa for a challenge. It suggested one that could kill her

Amazon's Alexa potentially put a 10-year-old girl's life at risk. Here is what happened.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

5 Metaverse gaming apps you can play right now in India

The Metaverse is the next big thing in the world if we are to go by Mark Zuckerberg's enthusiasm. But Facebook (now Meta) is playing catch-up. Here are 5 Metaverse games you can play right now.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Why is Elon Musk TIME Person of the Year 2021? Hubristic supervillain, for one

TIME magazine describes Elon Musk as a clown, genius, edgelord, visionary and industrialist. Musk has also had his share of controversies. All of them perhaps culminated into Elon Musk being named TIME Person of the Year 2021.

SCI-TECH | 2-minute read

Whatsapp just rolled out a new security update to make life difficult for stalkers

Whatsapp just beefed up its security system with a new update to strengthen the privacy of Whatsapp users.

SCI-TECH | -minute read

Metaverse is brimming with updates. 6 new things you can do in it

Metaverse is brimming with updates and here's our roundup of the same.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Pathankot mystery sky lights were Elon Musk's Starlink satellite train. Astronomers are angry

The mystery behind the mysterious lights seen up in the skies of Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir has been solved. And no, we haven't found any aliens yet.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Indian math genius Nikhil Srivastava just solved a 62-year-old problem and won a top US prize

Indian math genius Nikhil Srivastava, along with two others, just solved a 62-year-old problem. They have won a top US prize for their work.

SCI-TECH | 3-minute read

China is waging a covert fake news war, and Facebook has turned saviour!

We must be living in a dystopian world. Because where else will you find China waging a covert world war with misinformation, and FACEBOOK playing the hero!

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

We tried making sense of Twitter's confusing policy on posting personal media

Twitter rolled out a new much-needed safety policy. But many are questioning how it will be implemented.

SCI-TECH | 5-minute read

Who is Parag Agrawal? New Twitter CEO's journey from Mumbai to California, in 5 points

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey in a surprise announcement on November 29 said he was stepping down as the CEO and handing over the reins to Indian-American Parag Agrawal.

SCI-TECH | 4-minute read

Apple sues NSO group over Pegasus spyware: 5 privacy flaws they can fix first

Apple dragged Israeli firm NSO group to court for plugging the Pegasus spyware into their devices. Here are 5 other things Apple, the user privacy-upholder, can fix about their products.