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The writer is Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

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Daily Recco, September 28: Foundation - from the past, into the future

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How farm reforms can transform India into an agricultural powerhouse by 2030

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Who killed Kashmiri lawyer Babar Qadri

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DailyOh! What AIIMS team found in Sushant case, to what Priyanka Gandhi said over Hathras victim’s death

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Farm Bills: What corporatisation did to agrarian societies of the world

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How teacher training needs to evolve in the 21st century

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Daily Recco, September 28: Kumbalangi Nights, a cinematic gem

Every frame of this Malayalam masterpiece will leave you yearning for more.

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DailyOh! A tractor’s supreme sacrifice over Farm Bills, to why SSR’s family is losing faith in CBI

A tractor was burnt. But what did the tractor do to deserve the burning?