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VARIETY | 4-minute read

The Great Escape @Home

I’m still waiting for my eureka moment of perspective, where not going out makes me go within and I no longer feel the need to bang books on my head.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why China's figures can't be trusted

China could have downplayed its number of confirmed cases 'by a factor of 15 to 40 times'.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh! When Karan Johar sang without training, to how eggs in Jamaica predict longevity on Good Friday

The lockdown is bringing out the best in everybody - from KJo's singing skills to the who rode 1400 kms on her Scooty to get her son back home.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Give phubbing a break and reach out for a book

Your mind is more imaginative than you think it is.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

The Saad Truth: Under attack, Tablighi Jamaat has more defenders than the Markaz imagined

This outpouring of defence for Tablighi Jamaat is the result of the half-wit vile attack on the Muslim community by the bunch of those who get triggered by anything Muslim.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

DailyOh! When Rahman was unhappy with Humma remix, to why 'rockstar' stumped Ravindra Jadeja

In non-Covid-19-related news, we tell you why The Humma Song left AR Rahman unhappy initially, to how Ravindra Jadeja reacted when he was called 'rockstar'.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why US authority stands undermined

The expectations are so low from Washington that even America's closest allies are not coordinating their responses with it.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Exercise your way through this lockdown

Involve your family in your fitness regimen.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

How civil servants are leading India’s fight against Covid-19

IAS officers, blamed for everything wrong with the bureaucracy, are working round-the-clock doing whatever it takes to stop the spread.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh! When Indira Gandhi choked media's ad revenue, to why Jwala Gutta was called 'half-Corona'

Jwala Gutta revealed in an interview that she was called 'half-Corona' on social media because her mother is Chinese.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

How protests over Covid-19 victim Nirmal Singh’s burial spell trouble for his village

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee chief Gobind Singh Longowal says the protestors had insulted the departed soul.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: How I am coping with my mother’s cancer treatment in a small town

The thought of taking my mother to a hospital in her condition gives me sleepless nights. Not doing so exposes her to risks that I would rather not imagine.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: How coronavirus is making us appreciate the lives of our grandparents

We now spend our time listening to tales narrated by our grandparents and how all this gives them a sense of deja vù.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh: What do the President and PM earn, to how onion prices toppled governments

Covidiots today are those who harass their neighbours for doing their job as doctors.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why all poultry-producing states must follow the Haryana example to revive distressed industry

The poultry industry is estimated to be losing Rs 1,500 crore-Rs 2,000 crore per day.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Panchayat Review: Welcome to sweet and sour but our Bharat

The story lies in its people. In how they help a big-city fish survive in their dry village.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Covid 19: India at the crossroads

Even if the lockdown is to be extended, a window, planned, phased, and supervised, may be accorded for the resumption of some economic activities.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

New weapons to combat coronavirus

Two critical defence ministry stakeholders, DRDO and OFB, have joined the war against Covid-19.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

How Bhumika nails the ultimate seductress in Imtiaz Ali’s She

We are oblivious to the turmoil in Bhumika like she is unmindful of the seductress she houses in her body.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Why the karuna of dance forms is needed in this time of cornonavirus

Karuna represents one of the nine rasas - moods or sentiments - but in this age of corona it is dance karo-na.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

China and the Wuhan virus

Chinese ambassadors abroad have abandoned diplomatic decency by abusing and threatening those who dare associate the virus with China by name.

VARIETY | 9-minute read

India needs an overhaul of its outdated law to fight Covid-19

The law invoked to deal with coronavirus, the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, has a dark and tainted history.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh! When PM asked for diya and BJP leader responded with katta, to why it is a pink supermoon

BJP leader Manju Tiwari, along with all the cracker-enthusiasts from Sunday night, are covidiots.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: #9Baje9Mintues was a spectacle India will remember for long

Sometimes the best solution for those in agony is to take a pause.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

How to Prevent a Breakdown: What India must do

India Today Editor-in-Chief talks about the need to avert the very real danger of a complete nationwide breakdown with the lockdown in place, in the April 13, 2020 edition of the India Today Magazine.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

The poor are the most vulnerable

If supply-chains of essential goods and services remain broken, more deaths are likely of those who fail to get these basic entitlements as part of their fundamental rights.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

The road ahead from the lockdown

While it is too early to say but the indicators are that the southern region of the equator is relatively better-placed.

VARIETY | 2-minute read

How coronavirus is leading to some harsh awakening

Covid-19 is telling us that the world is exhausted, it has had enough, that there is little left for us to destroy.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Can cricket beat corona blues?

The healthy population is suffering from mental health issues arising from the lack of beer to the lack of sport.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh! Why Imran Khan is a Covidiot, to when Daniel Pearl's killer said he was Pranab Mukherjee

Imran Khan walks all the way with the Covidiot crown.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

CORONICLES: How Italy went from solidarity to silence in a month of lockdown

After months of despair, Italy perhaps is edging closer to the contagion peak.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Lessons to be learnt as India battles the Covid-19 challenge

Ten days into the 21-day nationwide lockdown, there is a cause though for optimism as the number of Covid-19 deaths remains low in India.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: What young India thinks of PM Modi's speeches

Our government has definitely won the support of its young people on the emotional front. But is the government on the right track to reassure its citizens of a strong plan of action in the coming weeks?

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Women must not nag through the lockdown. Here's what they should do instead

Put the lipstick on and purse your lips.

VARIETY | 12-minute read

DailyOh! Should you wear (or not wear) masks?

The Japanese wear masks on their faces to save others. Here’s what you should do.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

What Covid-19 can teach us about redefining our academics and research

The effort of most academics in the current situation is to see how best they can deliver learning material in a way that resembles what they have been doing for years in classrooms.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Who does your home have, The Grinch or The Optimist?

Honour the animated teenage souls, their behaviours and characteristics during this quarantine period.

VARIETY | 11-minute read

DailyOh! Saudi Arabia asks people to put hajj plans on hold, but where is Thai King with his 20 concubines?

Hajj has been cancelled or the number of attendees curtailed at least 40 times in the past.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

World under lockdown: Did Covid-19 need such an aggressive response?

Is the virus so virulent and dangerous that it called for such an aggressive all-encompassing response?

VARIETY | 3-minute read

Tableeghis need compassion in this crisis, not FIR

If the courts have sought compassion, governments shouldn’t cross those limits.

VARIETY | 3-minute read

India was fighting an essential war. Then Kerala called liquor essential, Bengal opened sweet shops

The world is currently relying on doctors like never before; tipplers more so.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

How Covid-19 will affect sustainability and the UNSDGs

With the Covid-19 pandemic likely to affect global developmental objectives at a broader scale. the impacts will be observed prominently in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: Kashmir has seen many lockdowns, but this one beats them all

Kashmiris are used to socialising at the mosques, around street corners and at common compounds.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: Is it calm before the actual storm in Germany?

What the media and public are irked about is that Germany was not so well prepared for a pandemic as it could be, despite being warned of an impending pandemic way back in 2013.

VARIETY | 8-minute read

DailyOh! All who attended Nizamuddin event are our Covidiots, to what killed Meena Kumari

Thousands gathered in a masjid, throwing calls for social distancing to the air.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

Indian government’s coronavirus aid is too little, too late

At Rs 1.7 lakh crore, 1.15 per cent of GDP, for 80 crore poor workers, the expenditure under the PM Garib Kalyan Yojana is inadequate to mitigate the disaster.

VARIETY | 7-minute read

DailyOh! The country that says vodka is Covid-19 cure, to why WhatsApp won't let you upload 16-second videos

Alexander Lukashenko is talking stupidity one peg at a time.

VARIETY | 4-minute read

How Alberto Uderzo's Asterix comics made me get through Kashmir's lockdowns

As a boy, sitting in my room overlooking the Dal through Kashmir’s many lockdowns, I rolled with laughter at the wit of Rene Goscinny and the artistic genius of Alberto Uderzo.

VARIETY | 6-minute read

Covid-19 will find a cure. Stigma will not

From leprosy, yellow fever, HIV-AIDS to Covid-19, diseases have always brought out the worst in mankind: the stigmatising.

VARIETY | 5-minute read

Why India may be flying blind with its nationwide lockdown to contain coronavirus

As the lockdown to contain Covid-19 exacerbates the economic slowdown by reducing the labour supply as well as the consumption of goods and services, the government has to address it by adopting timely relief measures.