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VOICES | 5-minute read

I don't exist if I am not Assamese

We can't be Hindus or Muslims, if we can't remain Assamese.

VOICES | 4-minute read

The untold tale of armed Sukhois on 26/11

Lost in the sands of 11 years is a surreal little tale, recounted to me over the years by pilots.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Don't breathe. Baaki sab first class hai

Our freedom of expression is now at loggerheads with our freedom to breathe.

VOICES | 5-minute read

What we should learn from a death in a tunnel

The remains of Mosul that I walked over did not just bury thousands of years of history, but a culture of coexistence which will be hard to rebuild.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Anthem debate: Sit down, stop this nonsense

If you are a liberal, be a little liberal in respecting diversity.

VOICES | 4-minute read

This is what Kashmir went through in the 70 days since Article 370 was scrapped

At midnight on August 5, our phones went silent. We have still not been able to break that silence.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Mohan Bhagwat is right. Indian Muslims like me are so happy they just can't handle

Don't send more happiness our way. We don't know how to deal with it anymore.

VOICES | 4-minute read

What happens if Gujarat govt doesn't pay Bilkis Bano Rs 50 lakh relief despite SC order

Bilkis Bano could be forced to take the route that Ishrat Jahan’s mother took.

VOICES | 7-minute read

I just returned from Kashmir. This is what I saw

I roamed around the streets of Srinagar for about a week. Here’s how things look on the ground.

VOICES | 15-minute read

#MeToo India: A year later, the men are back to work. What about the women?

Yes, you too. So what?

VOICES | 5-minute read

What is Eid-ul-Azha when you don't know where your loved ones are!

Love is what connects us all. Here, there, everywhere. In Lahore, in New York, in Palestine, in El Paso, Texas, in Yemen, in Syria, in Sudan, in Afghanistan, in Dayton, Ohio, in Quetta, in Kashmir.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Priyanka Chopra vs Ayesha Malik: On war, there can be no 'middle ground'

What's the middle ground between war and peace, exactly? There is none, not even for the most famous celeb.

VOICES | 7-minute read

'All men are trash': How should I react to this as a mother of a son?

There are many women who do bad things, and there is no question about that. This is not a man versus woman debate.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Patriots like us must call out lynchings. Why doesn't PM Modi start a campaign against hate crimes?

Notable cultural figures have written a controversial letter on lynching to the PM, including filmmaker Aparna Sen, who spoke with Rohit E David on why this issue has become so crucial now.

VOICES | 3-minute read

No, Minister: Why Smriti Irani's proposal of death penalty for sexual crimes against children is no solution

A death penalty is a control-shift-delete approach, which defeats the purpose of a punishment. Reform.

VOICES | 7-minute read

Why silent on Bacha baazi, Pakistan? Instead of sponsoring terrorists, Pakistan should tackle this social evil instead

Pakistan fuels, trains and sponsors thousands of jihadis each year. But at the same time, it turns a blind eye towards the thousands of vulnerable young boys raped within.

VOICES | 7-minute read

Sakshi Mishra hounded: How the society controls a woman’s sexual, matrimonial and reproductive choices

The episode goes beyond just caste conflict. It speaks of the deep-rooted insecurity in men and their urge to control a woman's womb.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare, MM Kalburgi and Gauri Lankesh killed: Why no one cares for the naked proof

The authorities have ignored the links that easily take them to the murderers.

VOICES | 3-minute read

From Hitler to Elon Musk: Why we can’t let the moon be in peace

Chandrayaan 2 has been called off for now. But the silent race is on.

VOICES | 6-minute read

Our own Bangla-Desh: We Indians want to build our houses from scratch. And one house just isn't enough

Construction is testimony to doing well in life. That's why you won't find a single spot in the nation where there isn't construction work, materials being transported, the sounds of a drill.

VOICES | 9-minute read

A woman called Ms Lewinsky

When Monica Lewinsky says women need to tell their stories in their words, I can't agree more. I, too, faced media trial in January 2014. It's still going on.

VOICES | 3-minute read

No. If you slap your loved one, you don't love them: Why 'Kabir Singh' director Sandeep Reddy Vanga is totally wrong

'Kabir Singh' is famously sexist. And director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has defended the protagonist, played by Shahid Kapoor, hitting the woman lead. As a man, I am appalled.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Controversy's child: Zaira Wasim is looking for inner peace. Why should we come in her way?

Wasim has suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts. If she seeks peace through religion, why are we judging her? She doesn't have to live life according to our expectations.

VOICES | 7-minute read

From sacred to profane: How the holy 'Jai Shri Ram' chant is now a cry of violence to lynch the terrified

Once words of calmness and beauty, the Hindu chant is now a signal, a dog-whistle, a weapon in the hands of lynch mobs targeting the most vulnerable.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Sania Mirza vs Veena Malik: This is exactly what two women should never do to each other

The world is only waiting to see a woman attack another woman. The sexist thrills are even greater when two empowered, successful women do exactly that.

VOICES | 11-minute read

My mother saw doctors as angels. She died of cancer because doctors treating her didn't care about her

If the medical profession is truly noble, then doctors cannot possibly be on strike and claim moral superiority.

VOICES | 8-minute read

Here’s what happens at a casualty ward. Read this before you justify your anger against doctors

Never, in the 365 days of my internship, was my safety my focus. It was always about the patient, and the patient only.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Skipping The Biggest Lesson: BJP’s draft National Education Policy tries to compete with madrasas, misses crucial learning

The policy pays no attention to teaching children the dignity of labour. This lesson is a must though for any society which wants to grow and be developed.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Yogi Adityanath vs Prashant Kanojia: This is what could have really hurt Yogi ji

Prashant Kanojia is neither Yogi’s uncle, nor his aunt. Nor his neighbour, not his colleague, nor his beautician, nor his gym trainer. Then how could he pose that particular question?

VOICES | 5-minute read

From Kathua to Aligarh: We have to stop sacrificing our children on the altar of some people's twisted political correctness

A society that can't safeguard children has no right to talk about the rights of the perpetrators. No identity, religious, caste or economic, is more important than the safety of a defenceless child.

VOICES | 4-minute read

What the Kathua rape victim’s letter to the Aligarh victim might have said

We were both killed mercilessly by men from across the religious divide. But, little one, what we suffered goes beyond all divides. Why don't those fighting for us understand this?

VOICES | 4-minute read

Anti-Hindi Imposition: Why South India can never accept Hindi as the link language

As a govt proposal to introduce Hindi learning to the South stokes up decades-old resistance, it is clear the opposition to Hindi has gone nowhere. That's despite several Hindi-speakers working in the South.

VOICES | 3-minute read

I will never know how this world looks. But my life is colourful

I studied at a regular school. Yes, I was alone. But I was not afraid.

VOICES | 3-minute read

So Aam, So Boring: Why I think the mango is such a vastly overrated fruit

Despite being surrounded by the most famous mangoes in the world, I have always found them utterly dull. Except for one.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Eid Mubarak: Why I regret never being invited to an iftar

No, it is not about the food alone.

VOICES | 10-minute read

Lok Sabha 2019: A liberal Congress supporter, I concede defeat in this battle of ideas

The soul of India has changed, and secular values must die. Rahul Gandhi wanted to protect India from the potential damage Narendra Modi could do to its core. But India chose Modi instead.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Was Game of Thrones finale inspired by our very own Ramayana?

From the suffering of its central protagonist to the fiery end of King's Landing, why are the resemblances in the theme so strong?!

VOICES | 2-minute read

Vivek Oberoi Tweets Aishwarya Meme: Critics, Vivek Oberoi has moved on. You should too

Can we please come off our moral pulpit and let people laugh? Including at themselves?

VOICES | 4-minute read

Beyond the Porsches: Why I am happy just being the 'Steve Jobs of Ghatkopar!'

What is the point of a huge bank balance or a convertible sports car or a celebrity halo, if the heart is not content?

VOICES | 4-minute read

Shahid Afridi Shows Off His Misogyny: Why the famous cricketer is a disaster for Pakistan's women

In the 21st century, Afridi, who thinks he has a divine right to decide for his daughters, won’t give them ‘permission’ to compete in sporting activities. The same activities which made him a fulfilled human being.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Un-Friend Zone: Why I have un-friended many this election season and I’m not apologetic about it!

I see constant acrimony online, whether you praise or critique Modi, Rahul, anybody. But if you can't understand my views, or show respect to difference, that's it. We'll be FB friends no more!

VOICES | 2-minute read

Grow up, celebs! Dear movie stars and politicians, please stop treating journalists like kids!

From Moon Moon Sen to Akshay Kumar, please get the memo.

VOICES | 5-minute read

CBSE Results and Exam Strain: Do not despair. Failing an exam is not failing in life

It is time society takes collective responsibility on reshaping the narrative of students' lives and exams, making results separate from young people living their lives. This will help us save some from killing themselves.

VOICES | 9-minute read

Stop the Waffling: The Sri Lanka terror attack was definitively about religion. It was an Islamic attack on Christians. Why fudge the truth?

When Christchurch happened, the liberal reaction was loud and clear, but when Colombo happened, there was a deafening silence. Why are we so hesitant to call one stream of religious thought out?

VOICES | 2-minute read

Taimur vs photographers: Why this is a case of confused parenting

Either you work towards upping your privacy wall, or you stop cribbing altogether.

VOICES | 2-minute read

How GD Bakshi finally brought both Left and Right on the same platform

This Twitter drama over boycotting Vistara airline was absolutely unnecessary.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Brunei, don't be a pain in the ass! The rich little nation decides on stoning gay men to death. It should learn lessons from India

Love is love. And Brunei, with all its money and monarchy, should take a lesson from our desi handbook. We knew all about love and respect before the West invented the terms.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Red Star in Jammu: How a Marxist who took on Sheikh Abdullah in the 1970s has kept the fight for workers’ rights alive

Abdul Majid Khan has fought for workers' rights and communal harmony all his life. He has Bhagat Singh's photograph tucked in his pocket. He remembers when his house was raided by the govt, and his wife's only pair of gold earrings taken away.

VOICES | 7-minute read

Taking off with Jet: How one airline came to symbolize a new India, modern, aspirational, kind and cool

The death of the iconic carrier today is personal to many. But it says something deeper and more significant about the India story.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Monsters in the dark: What you did not know about cancer

A play that left me with lessons on human endurance and the magical miracle it can bring about in the fight against cancer — despite losing my mother to it.