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VOICES | 12-minute read

Goodbye, Anam and Rushaan

What is it that drives a 26-year-old, a 20-year-old, successful, intelligent, beautiful, popular woman to death, there is no single answer.

VOICES | 3-minute read

With CBSE Class 10 exams cancelled, I missed my validation

It was as though I had been running a marathon this entire year and right when it was my time to sprint across the last 100 m, everyone was halted.

VOICES | 4-minute read

The story of the mad girl from the village who listened to no one

Every village has one. The girl who listens to nobody, but her own heart. Here’s a story of one.

VOICES | 3-minute read

The bird and the believers: How the curse of the owl fell upon me

An account of what it is to be a lover of wildlife, so close yet so far from nature.

VOICES | 4-minute read

How we can become the best version of ourselves

When we pass through challenges, we emerge stronger than before if we cultivate the right attitude. If we don’t accept them, we will not learn anything, and nothing good will come out of it.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Contempt and compassion: Every village suffers it

The meaning of humanity, or the lack of it, is discovered by living in a village.

VOICES | 6-minute read

RIP David Washbrook: Historian, scholar, mentor par excellence

It isn't as if David Washbrook and I spoke to each other every day. In fact, we did not for months. But between 2001 and 2021, we knew that we were always there for each other. He was my mentor and also a dear friend.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Forgive 2020, it did no wrong

When did the loss of a celebrity become so personal that you began rating the year based on celebrity death count?

VOICES | 6-minute read

Why I, a Kashmiri Pandit, picked up the pen instead of the stethoscope

In the run-up to the anniversary of the Kashmiri Pandit Exodus in January, there is a case to give voice to those who lost theirs, in the amplified din of power or politics.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Goodbye 2020: The year of loss, WFH backaches, and everything abnormal

2020 made a sticky mess out of all our dreams, achievements, plans, hopes and thoughts for a future.

VOICES | 11-minute read

What flying home to India from China on a Vande Bharat Mission flight was like

My paranoia of not spending much time in transit in these turbulent times of a pandemic also prompted me to book my whole itinerary in such a way that I eventually had to change four flights in less than 24 hours to reach Kolkata from Beijing.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Thank you, David Graeber, for shaping our minds

Known for his searing critique of capitalism, Graeber was most comfortable delving into the uncomfortable aspects of life.

VOICES | 5-minute read

You don't look like a Bihari: Validating my identity in 2020

To be very blunt, Arjun Kapoor portraying a Bihari in the 2017 movie Half Girlfriend is what nightmares are made of.

VOICES | 4-minute read

In Defence of TV Journalism: A reporter from the ground tells you the other side

Here is an unabashed shout out to all my predecessors and peers who have been a part of making an honest effort at TV reportage.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Monsoon in the foothills: Non-stop rain and Khichuri-Ilish Bhaja

Rain is the only constant in my part of the country. That's how it is with the foothills.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Lockdown Love: When their eyes locked during lockdown

Gathering all his guts, Rex extended a paw towards her. Just when they were getting closer, Vaibhav picked up Brownie in his arms.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Lockdown Love: French Hearts

Nearly three years had passed by and a virus had shut everyone in. The world was locked. The fragrance of bakeries were a thing of the past.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Lockdown Love: Two States, One Screen

Diksha and Anil had never been apart in the 25 years of their marriage. However, the pandemic reigned and the lockdown separated them on her special day.

VOICES | 33-minute read

Lockdown Love: FaceTime

Virtual calls that brought the world closer during the coronavirus could not connect these two anymore.

VOICES | 5-minute read

How compassion needs to be cultivated in the Corona era

Compassion is not really an emotion that can be taught or ‘worked upon’. It is a quality of life that only arises as a byproduct, once you are at peace with your emotional pain.

VOICES | 1-minute read

Lockdown Love: Till I See You Again

He was all hers now. The lockdown was letting her trust him again.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Lockdown Parenting: When toddlers start asking Why

The most heart-wrenching question for me is when I force my two-year-old son to put a mask on each time we step outside and he asks “Why, mamma?”

VOICES | 1-minute read

Lockdown Love: Pixie Cut

The surrender of the Saturday morning, the clean sweep towards a near-pixie cut, and us falling in love all over again.

VOICES | 2-minute read

The story of Instamatic

What could have been a harrowing time became full of purpose. A calling. A metier.

VOICES | 6-minute read

Fake news floods before fact checking became a legit job

It was the monsoon of 1993, and two districts of North Bengal were reeling from the horror of a flood that had left it crippled.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Kent ad is honest. You are not

If the Kent aata-maker ad infuriates you, you are insufferable for me.

VOICES | 11-minute read

Dear Paatal Lok makers, I am Nepali and I am not a r*ndi

Already misrepresented and underrepresented in popular media, the last thing the Nepali community should face is the existence of this dialogue as a reference of the community.

VOICES | 4-minute read

How Girish Karnad became Tiger Zinda Hai actor

Did we really reduce Karnad to Tiger Zinda Hai actor? How could we?

VOICES | 4-minute read

Hope in the times of coronavirus

A man whose whole life has been riddled with Corona moments — wants me to tell you this: Hope is the only way to live and be.

VOICES | 5-minute read

The story of Sukumari the Crocodile, who couldn't turn back into a woman

You turn to stories when your reality resembles dystopia. Nothing hits home more these days than that idea of dystopia, which is a reality all of us are now living in.

VOICES | 6-minute read

Dealing with love, life and death in times of the coronavirus

There are countless many who have lost their lives during this pandemic while their families could only look on helplessly. One has so much to be grateful for.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Remembering Irrfan: Looking death in the eye

Find your own metaphors but let death be part of life so that you can live to the fullest, fearlessly.

VOICES | 6-minute read

O Corona, when will we travel again?

As we sit in our homes, staring up at the sky for the sound of an aeroplane, there's only uncertainty ahead. You don't want your last trip to become your last.

VOICES | 12-minute read

CORONICLES: Stuck in Israel, how I enjoyed Passover and some love for the season

The foremost tools in Israel's arsenal against the disease have been strong law enforcement, proactive decision making and technology.

VOICES | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: How the lockdown taught me to be more considerate towards colleagues

When the Canadian government announced the lockdown, I was alone in a new country.

VOICES | 3-minute read

Coronicles: Lockdown in the land of hygge

It was amazing how a whole country came together to follow the rules that were set up in such a quick span of time.

VOICES | 6-minute read

Home, away: Fear and longing in Noida

The want, the need, to go back home is visceral, lockdown or no lockdown.

VOICES | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: I went distributing food in Lucknow. Supplies ran out, but the hungry remained

From lockdown, my city Lucknow has moved to sealing and is struggling for essentials.

VOICES | 3-minute read

CORONICLES: Indian Embassy reached out to me in California within hours of my call for help

I have been assured I can reach out for help in case my health condition complicates.

VOICES | 5-minute read

CORONICLES: How lockdown made my city in Canada a 'ghost town'

The rustling of the leaves that I loved so much, is anything but frightening now.

VOICES | 2-minute read

We Muslims must stop being ‘Us’ to not be treated as ‘Them’

You can't stand up to the haters outside if you're not standing up to the peddlers of hatred within.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: Screens are fine, but when can we go back to school?

Though we wouldn't give up on any opportunity to relax and keep our eyes glued to our screens instead of reading textbooks, we cannot help but miss school.

VOICES | 2-minute read

Lockdown Diary Of A Teenager: What's worse than staying home? Mum's the word!

Reality hits the hardest at 4 pm.

VOICES | 4-minute read

After board exam ordeal, what coronavirus taught me about life

The coronavirus pandemic is a wake-up call for humanity to reform its ways.

VOICES | 4-minute read

Work From Home made me question what I value in my relationships

With the joy of meeting people at work and interactions at the office coffee machines gone, work from home is proving more daunting than I thought.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Work From Home made me realise human interaction is overrated

Many are complaining about not having a choice but to work from home as if going to office was ever a matter of choice.

VOICES | 6-minute read

Delhi gang rape convicts hanged. Is India ready to face its reality?

India’s Daughter should be seen by all as it holds a mirror to a society that is far from being sensitive to gender issues.

VOICES | 8-minute read

Do your bit for Kailash Mansarovar yatra: Letter to Narendra Modi and S Jaishankar

The pilgrimage is one of the toughest in the world. Let the lack of infrastructure not come in the way of Shiva devotees.

VOICES | 5-minute read

Why Shikara and Kashmiri Pandit in commercial cinema were necessary

The famed resilience of Kashmiri Pandits is chronicled in Shikara, where a generation confronted with brutal hate nevertheless ensures their children are not engulfed by the storm.

VOICES | 8-minute read

Letter to PM Modi: Why India needs to go back to Gurukul

The world is gaining strength from Indian culture and traditions. And we are rejecting them.